If you still use a desktop, or rely on a monitor to make that laptop screen a little more usable, you’ve probably wondered how big you need the monitor to be, and while sizes jump from 18 inches to 32, Philips has one that is bigger than the lot of them.

We don’t see a lot from Philips in the computer space anymore, but if you need a screen bigger than the 32 inch size we see at the end of the monitor spectrum, it looks like you’ll have an option from the company shortly.

And that option will be 40 inches.

Specifically, it’s the Philips BDM4065UC, a model number that doesn’t bring a lot of oomph with the name, though it could when you cast your gaze across its display, with a 40 inch diagonal screen capable of showing the Ultra HD resolution many refer to as 4K, and otherwise known as 3840×2160.

This resolution is seen by many as the next video revolution, with Ultra High Definition (UHD) the size movies will be delivered in over the next few years, and it makes a big difference over on the side of computers, too.

Games can get clearer and sharper, while productivity applications can show more on screen, with four Full HD windows capable of being seen at once on the high resolution screen, while that 40 inch lessens the need to squint.