Big things come in small packages – ASUS Mini PC

ASUS PN50 mini PC

Big things come in small packages with ASUS Mini PC

Here’s the situation. Your business needs a workhorse desktop PC, or maybe even a bunch of ’em – and that PC needs to be dependable and powerful. But sometimes, a laptop isn’t the best fit.

Say your business needs a big screen, your staff prefers to choose their own keyboard and mouse, or you need to use other peripherals. The end result is that desk space is at a premium and you just don’t have room for a giant tower (let alone a bunch of ’em!).

There’s a simple answer: a tiny form-factor PC, a form-factor so tiny, it’s mini. A mini PC so versatile, it might even be the answer to a question you haven’t asked yet!

The advantages of a Mini PC form factor

The Mini PC is an ultra-compact but still full-featured Windows computer that amazingly crams high-performance components into a chassis 11.5cm square and just 4.9cm tall. That means you can literally hold it in the palm of your hand, but it still has the power of a full desktop or business laptop.

A Mini PC is compatible with the latest CPUs, can be specced with up to 64GB of RAM, and has full Ethernet and Wi-Fi networking.

Like a desktop tower, a Mini PC can connect multiple monitors and run them at 4K. Some Mini PCs even have a VESA mount at the bottom of the chassis so you can mount it to the back of a larger monitor, creating an all-in-one PC. But unlike many all-in-one (AIO) PCs, Mini PCs are easy to upgrade, since they use many of the same parts as standard laptops. 

Why choose an ASUS Mini PC?

When it comes to Mini PCs, the ASUS PN50E1 is a Mini PC ahead of the pack. It uses an AMD Ryzen 400 series mobile CPU, which has Radeon graphics onboard, and can be kitted out with up to 64GB of RAM. That’s serious power, measured by ASUS as up to 35% better performance than other Mini PCs.

A business computer is all about networking, so the PN50E1 comes with a 2.5Gbps LAN port for blazing fast in-house networking, file transfer, and the all-important backups. (Naturally, your business needs a compatible 2.5Gbps LAN network to take advantage of this.)

If you need to maximise your digital workspace, the PN50E1 is ideal, because it can support up to four 4K monitors – and you’ll be able to fit those easily on your desk because the computer itself takes up so little space. The working life of this little beast can be extended via upgrades, and accessing the inside is as simple as removing four screws. When it comes to RAM and storage (up to 1TB HDD and 512GB NVMe M.2 SSD) are plug-and-play so you can get back to work faster.

And speaking of work, there’s nothing more disruptive than howling computer fans.

The PN50E1 has a thermal management system that protects components (especially that high-performance NVMe M.2 SSD) while keeping fan noise to a whisper-quiet 21.9dBA when idle and a barely-a-murmur 34.7dBA when working flat-out.

But it does this while sipping just 10W of electricity when idle, which makes it easy on your power bills too. And don’t worry about environmental temps – the PN50E1 operates at -40 to 60 degrees. Which means when it comes to extreme environments… you’ll die before it does!

The PN50E1 comes with Windows 10 and a free Windows 11 upgrade, or depending on when you buy yours, may already be preloaded with Windows 11.

Windows 11 Pro is the most secure Windows yet, delivering powerful built-in security. Powerful for employees. Consistent for IT. Secure for all. A simple, powerful UX helps improve employee productivity and focus. App compatibility and cloud management make adoption easy. A Zero Trust-ready OS helps protect data and access, wherever business takes you.

Windows 10 Pro powers the world’s largest selection of business devices from leading manufacturers, creating a line of modern devices guaranteed to meet the most exacting standards of performance, security, design, and experiences.

Thanks to an unrivalled device ecosystem, businesses can gain the freedom to choose from a broad selection of devices. And with Windows 10 Pro serving as the foundation of your modern workplace, you also gain comprehensive security, business-class tools, and flexible management.

Thinking outside the (tiny) box

So yes, the PN50E1 can be an ideal business machine for your desk, no matter what industry you work in or how hard to you need to push your PC.

But that tiny palm-sized form factor means it can do unexpected things too. We already mentioned the VESA display mount, that lets you securely attach the PN50E1 to the back of a VESA-compatible monitor, TV, or digital signage. With this, you can use it to run big displays in the public sphere.

Think, a menu board at a cool cafe, or a kiosk at a trade show. No messing around with weird operating systems or struggling with connecting the app on your phone – it’s a full Windows PC. You can remote-access it, or just use a wireless mouse and keyboard to set-and-forget, or drop back for upgrades and maintenance. Because the chassis of the PN50E1 is so small, it doesn’t need a lot of fans, which combined with its SSD storage, means fewer moving parts and thus greater durability. And you don’t HAVE to put it behind the display, you can stuff that tiny box anywhere, and build your stand or kiosk the way YOU want, instead of having to design it around a big, loud, full-tower PC.

Made to work

Small but mighty, the Mini PC format has a lot to offer. The ASUS PN50E1 Mini PC gets you started with a powerful AMD Ryzen 400 series mobile CPU and secure Windows OS, and lets you build what you want from there. Upgrade storage and RAM, enjoy flexible installation, and meet the needs of your circumstances with a versatility you didn’t know was possible.

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