Bing Maps calculates taxi fare, keeps your driver honest


We don’t often talk up Microsoft’s Bing search engine, but a new addition from a member of the developer community could save you time and make sure your next cabbie doesn’t take you for a ride.
It’s called “Taxi Fare Calculator” and with a name like that, we’re pretty sure you can guess exactly what it does.
Developed as part of a Bing Maps application competition, the calculator uses Microsoft’s online mapping system to work out the fastest route and the approximate price it should cost you.
The system doesn’t work everywhere right now, with only Sydney and Melbourne working in Australia and a handful of other cities around the world.
Sadly, because Bing Maps requires Microsoft Silverlight to work, you won’t be getting this working on your phone anytime soon. But it’s one application we’d love to use on our devices.
Try it out and tell us what you think.