Black Friday sales roundup for Aussies

Australians don’t really celebrate Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in America where stores slash prices and have excellent pre-Christmas sales.

Some local stores are getting in the spirit of things, though, so here’s our roundup of where to save.

Let’s start with the big one: Apple.

You can save a little over a hundred bucks on a MacBook Air today. Consider it an early Christmas present.

We all want to save big on tablets and computers and Apple has sort of delivered. The sale over at Apple’s online store will see you save $45 on an iPad 2 or $121 on either a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or iMac desktop computer.

That’s not great, but it is something.

Interestingly, we found the third-party accessories were where most of the savings were for Apple. For instance, the Zeppelin Air (above) from Bowers & Wilkins has a $200 savings today and the C5 in-ear headphones from the same company cost $72 less, too. Jawbone’s Jambox Bluetooth speaker is also less today, as is the Mophie Juice Pack, Blue Microphones Yeti USB desk microphone, remote control Parrot AR.Drone, and even $50 iTunes cards.

If you’re needing some new luggage to haul around those gadgets, Rushfaster is having a Black Friday sale as well, offering a massive 42 page listing of what’s going cheap.

Some of the savings are pretty significant, but Rushfaster hasn’t actually separated the regular sales listing from the ones for Black Friday, so we’re not sure which bags, wallets, and iPhone cases are cheaper than they normally would be.

Video games seem to be the biggest area for Black Friday sales, though.

Yesterday, Portal 2 was cheap on Steam. What will be on sale tomorrow?


PC and Mac gamers can get their spend on over at Steam, where game companies are offering big savings on titles over the next couple of days.

If mobile gaming is more your thing, then the sales are pretty nuts on iOS titles over at Apple’s AppStore. Both EA and Gameloft – companies that release loads of games – are having huge sales, with prices dropping from $5 and $10 to $1 to $3.

EA's Scrabble for iPad has dropped in price for the sales, now $2.99 from $10.49.

Telltale Games is also getting in there, offering titles such as “Sam & Max” and “Back To The Future” for a little less than half-price.

It’s good to keep in mind that most of these sales – especially on the physical items – will finish by the end of the day, so if you see something you want for a sale price, best to jump on it now.