BlackBerry KEY2 finally in Australia

BlackBerry Key2
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The Blackberry KEY2 range will finally be available via Amazon Australia and online at Blackberry Australia next month (June). The BlackBerry KEY2 LE, BlackBerry KEY2 and BlackBerry KEY2 Red Edition feature the BlackBerry physical keyboard and security and privacy enhancements.

 “We know not one size fits all solutions. The BlackBerry KEY2 range delivers a great experience for everyday communication, with access to all the security features, connectivity and applications our business customers expect”, said Sam Skontos, VP and Managing Director for Alcatel Mobile, South East Asia Pacific.

BlackBerry Key2 has been a damned long time coming

In June 2018 GadgetGuy wrote about the BlackBerry KEY2 (here) coming to Australia in July 2018. We hope to review one soon!!!

BlackBerry Key2

In that time, the specifications have dated (Android 8.1) and are nowhere as impressive as they were a year ago. But you do not buy Blackberry for its specs – you buy it for the keyboard and to have secure communications. Or you are just a Blackberry fan!

And a little warning. If you shop at Amazon or any third-party online make sure you are getting the Australian version with firmware that allows 000-calls without a sim and it to work with Australian PayWave readers. It is also known as BlackBerry Athena or the ‘International Model’ in some markets – these do not work here.

International reviews last year were generally positive pointing out mediocre camera performance, the smaller 3:2 screen is harder to use compared to the new 18:9 screens we have all become used to and the price.

Still, it is unique. Because this was released mid-last year, expect to see the BlackBerry Key3 coming in the next few months, although whether Aussies will see that for another year is debatable.

From what we glean it has a 5.5-inch screen, Android 9, 19+16MP rear camera, 13MP front camera, Qualcomm SD710, 6/128GB, and a 5,000mAh battery. These are more the specs we expect from a 2019 model.

Specifications: BlackBerry Key2 family

BlackBerry Key2 LE BlackBerry Key2 Black
BlackBerry Key2 Red
4.5-inch, 1620 x 1080, 434ppi, 3:2 ratio, IPS LCD same same
Qualcomm SD636/Adreno 509 Qualcomm SD660/Adreno 512 same
4/64/microSD to 256GB/OTG 4/64/microSD to 256GB/OTG 6/128GB/same
Wi-Fi AC
BT 5.0
FM Radio
3.5mm audio jack
Front fingerprint sensor
USB-C 3.0
same same
BBE101-1 APAC single sim
BBE100-4 APAC dual sim
LTE: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 17, 19, 20, 26, 28, 32, 38,40, 41
BBF100-1 single
BBF100-6 dual sim
Dual sim supports two active 4G sims. Hybrid with micro-SD
Rear Camera 1: 13MP, 1.12um, f/2.2, PDAF, 79.8° FOV
Rear Camera 2: 5MP, 1.12um, F/2.4,  84° FOV
Dual tone LED flash
Rear Camera 1: 12MP, 1.28um, f/1.8, Dual PDAF, 79.3° FOV
Rear Camera 2: 12MP, 1.0um, F/2.6, PDAF, 50° FOV
Provides 2X zoom
Dual tone LED flash
Front: 8MP, FF, 1K@30fps, screen fill flash Same Same
3,000mAh up to 22.5 hours
USB-C 5V/3A and 9V/2A (18) QC 3.0
Full charge around 2 hours
BlackBerry Applications
Hub/Hub+ Service
Device Search
Password Keeper
Power Centre
Productivity Tab
Privacy Shade
Plus all Google Apps, Lens and Assistant
Same Same
Android 8.1    
150.25×71.8×8.35mm x 156g
Slate, Champagne and Atomic
All polycarbonate
151.4×71.8×8.5mm x 168g
Aluminium frame and polycarbonate back
$799 $1190 $1390