Blaupunkt sticks with Bluetooth in two new speaker systems

Fans of the Blaupunkt brand in cars and home speaker systems will be keen to see a couple of new products from the sound maker, bringing two models to the masses for under $200.

The German gear maker returned to our radar last year when local distributor Bush brought some new gear to Australia. At the time, the products were speakers designed for Bluetooth, AirPlay, and iPod connectivity using the dock connector that was used before the iPhone 5 come out.

With the latest editions, however, Blaupunkt is moving past the dock connector and going with Bluetooth.

The Voss (above) and Oslobludab – yes, that last one does have a ridiculously long name – are two wireless speakers that rely on Bluetooth connections for audio, with each featuring a USB port to keep devices charged while they transmit audio.

The first one, the Voss, offers this with two 10W speakers for $179, while the second – yes, the one with the ridiculously long title – adds DAB+ radio to the package for $199.

Both speakers are heading to stores across the country now.

Blaupunkt's Oslobludab