Blue Snowball USB microphone now down under

Blue snowball
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The Blue Snowball is part of its best-selling USB microphone range for Mac or PC.

“The Blue Snowball mic is part of our best-selling USB collection that has sold over a million microphones,” says John Maier, CEO of Blue Microphones.

“It’s the most trusted USB mic for at-home musicians, YouTubers, gamers, podcasters and all types of content creators. Snowball delivers such amazing audio quality that it is used by some of the music industry’s most recognisable artists to record tracks on Grammy Award-winning records.”

Setting up the Blue Snowball is simple

Blue Snowball

  • Unbox the mic and plug it into any Mac or PC – no extra gear needed.
  • Select Snowball as your mic
  • Hit start to record and stream with rich, detailed sound.
  • Use whatever recording software you like

This easy operation makes the Snowball the industry-standard USB microphone for any project, from podcasting to desktop recording.

Snowball uses the same Blue technology found in their extensive line of award-winning products. The secret is the unique dual condenser capsule design ensuring detailed sound.


It has three pickup settings via a 3-position slider – allowing the user to accommodate

  • Cardioid for a single direction, right in front of the mic solos or podcasts;
  • Omnidirectional for 360-degree audio with multiple people or band rehearsals;
  • Cardioid with -10DB Pad which reduces mic sensitivity for loud instruments.

Blue SnowballSnowball features a standard thread for mounting to traditional mic stands and an adjustable desktop stand of its own.

Price and availability – Blue Snowball

Colours: White, Black, Blue, Orange, Aluminium
RRP: $129 (inc GST)
Availability: Now
Product Link here

GadgetGuy’s take – Blue Snowball packs a punch

Will a Snowball survive in this great southern arid land? Some might say a snowball’s chance in hell.

This is a lower cost microphone yet does everything you need at professional standards.

We are greats fans of Blue products using the omnidirectional Yeti (GadgetGuy review here) for podcasts and interviews.

We now use the Blue Raspberry (announcement here) for voice-overs and interviews. What is best is the latter plugs directly into an iPhone or Android, Mac or Windows.