Blue Yeti Pro – the microphone not the colour – adds analogue recording

Yeti Pro

Blue Microphones has announced the Yeti Pro is now in Australia. It is a 24bit/192Khz microphone with both USB and stereo XLR analogue outputs.

The Yeti has become one of Australia’s leading ‘prosumer’ USB microphones. GadgetGuy’s review is here. It was one of the first reviews to ever receive 5 out of 5 stars in its class!

The Pro version has all the Yeti features. It adds 24bit/192Khz recording and the XLR analogue output.

It includes

  • Blue’s premium triple condenser capsules array with four recording patterns
  • Zero latency recording
  • Variable gain recording
  • Mute
  • Integrated headphone jack for monitoring
  • Desktop stand
  • Radius shock mountable

“With Yeti Pro’s high-resolution capabilities, we are taking USB microphones to a truly professional level,” said John Maier, CEO of Blue Microphones.

“Yeti Pro brings 192kHz resolution to our popular line of desktop USB products. With the addition of stereo analogue out, creators can upgrade into more professional studio setups. This includes for podcasting, YouTube, music, broadcasting and more.”

Who is Yeti Pro for?

Yeti Pro (Website here) is designed to provide the highest performance possible in a digital microphone. With recording resolution of 24bit/192kHz, it captures audio with four times greater detail than CD-quality audio.

Most USB microphones have fixed recording resolutions. It has a next-generation analogue-digital converter chip that allows a range of recording resolutions from 22kHz up to 192kHz.

It features separate circuit boards and electronic components to maintain the integrity of the analogue and digital signal paths for the highest signal quality. For analogue recording, it also includes an XLR stereo breakout cable for simple attachment to analogue equipment.

It uses Blue’s custom condenser capsules. These have a triple array with four distinct recording patterns (cardioid, omni, stereo, bi-directional).

Yeti Pro
Yeti Pro costs $379. Available at authorised Blue Microphones dealers. If you dont need XLR analogue the Yeti costs $208.