Sleek BlueAnt X3i Bluetooth speaker packs more bass and clarity

BlueAnt X3i Bluetooth speaker ocean blue

Whenever the Australian audio wizards at BlueAnt reveal a new device, we sit up and take notice. This time around, the local company has launched the BlueAnt X3i, a new and improved version of the 30W portable Bluetooth speaker we enjoyed a couple of years ago. It adds to the 160W BlueAnt X6 Bluetooth speaker introduced earlier in the year for house parties and karaoke enthusiasts.

Among the improvements are a slick new design using BlueAnt’s Shimmerwave material, a sturdier speaker base, and several new colours to choose from. Under the hood, the company has flexed its audio engineering know-how to produce better overall sound, as explained by BlueAnt CEO Taisen Maddern.

“We’ve made a number of engineering and design tweaks under the hood that simply deliver the best audio experience for a speaker in this form factor and at this price point ($249),” Maddern said. “What our customers are getting is a speaker which can be the feature speaker in any room or party, one that can be taken anywhere and everywhere, or one that can exist at home without standing out yet deliver the right level of audio for any setting or mood.”

BlueAnt X3i brings big sound to a small speaker

Despite the speaker’s small size, it’s made to deliver deep bass and crisp acoustic quality no matter the volume. BlueAnt pointed to its Grammy award-winning digital signal processing (DSP) software as a big contributor to the speaker’s performance. In other words, it should be a good little device for cranking up loud or for listening to softer acoustic tracks.

“I think people have come to expect that full volume in a Bluetooth speaker brings with it a downside of distortion, or that we’d compromise on sound or volume output to make this affordable,” Maddern said. “We’ve worked hard to make that a thing of the past with the X3i. And the hard work has paid off.”

BlueAnt X3i colours
You can get the BlueAnt X3i in pretty colours, including Slate Black, Ocean Blue or Crimson Red.

A nuanced sound isn’t the only thing the BlueAnt X3i has going for it. You can pair two X3i speakers together for a wider sound, supporting a connection range of up to 30 metres. With an IP67 rating, the BlueAnt X3i is waterproof, so you can listen to your favourite tunes at the beach, by the pool, or anywhere the elements may strike. Plus, you can use Siri and Google Assistant to control the music with your voice via an in-built mic.

At $249, the BlueAnt X3i sits in competition with the likes of the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 and the Bose SoundLink Flex, while coming in cheaper than the Sonos Roam. Available now from Telstra Stores and BlueAnt’s official website, you can grab the X3i in Slate Black, Ocean Blue or Crimson Red. My pick of the bunch is Ocean Blue, as I’m drawn to pretty colours like a moth to a flame.

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