BlueAnt X6 Bluetooth speaker packs 160W of party power

BlueAnt X6 Bluetooth party speaker

Known for making high-quality audio equipment, Australian company BlueAnt has announced its latest device: the BlueAnt X6 Bluetooth Party Speaker.

A successor to the acclaimed X5 speaker the X6 cranks the power up to 160W, up from the X5’s 60-Watt rating. Built to be the centre of the party, the X6 features big sound, studio engineering, and plenty of input options.

Just last year, BlueAnt launched its XT100 soundbar, with an emphasis on room-filling sound. It’s a core design philosophy that appears to continue with the local company’s latest party speaker.

Turn the party up with the BlueAnt X6 speaker

BlueAnt says its X6 speaker is equally at home on a stage or at the poolside of a party, which gives an indication of its versatility. A 160W speaker, it contains two studio engineer-tuned equalisers alongside claims of 110dB plus SPL output of Dynamic HQ audio. In other words, it’s loud and packed with bass.

Suited for all sorts of occasions, the BlueAnt X6 party speaker has up to eight hours of battery life and continuous playback through AC power. It has plenty of connectivity options beyond Bluetooth 5.0, too. You can pass the AUX cord, plug in USB media, and even play music from a MicroSD card. Included with the X6 are two microphones for belting out karaoke tunes, while guitarists can connect an instrument for “Wonderwall” renditions.

Another layer of versatility comes in the form of Duo mode. This lets you pair two X6 speakers for lag-free audio up to 30 metres apart. Not just for larger parties, it’s a viable feature for performers to set up a stage performance using two speakers.

Coming in at nearly 9kg, it’s no lightweight speaker, so there’s a carry handle to help lug it around. Also visible on the outside are customisable lights, with 15 different light modes available to choose from.

Out now, the BlueAnt X6 speaker costs $579 at retail, including the company’s official website. From now until 3 July 2023, you can get one for $440 as part of a Telstra Rewards promotion. Telstra Plus members can exchange 3,900 points to get the $139 discount, which is a decent offer.

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