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Sonos may well have kicked off the HiFi field that is multi-room audio, but it’s not the only company getting its fingers in, with Bluesound joining the fray, bringing experience from Paul Smith Barton speakers and NAD amplifiers and making your listening experience more akin to what an audiophile would love.

The name “Bluesound” may not be familiar to you or anyone, but the background of the company should be, especially once heard.

“Our roots are audiophiles,” says John Banks, one of the people who has been working on Bluesound for a while now, the Director of Market Development at Lenbrook, the company that owns Bluesound, as well as PSB Speakers and NAD, both names with audio pedigree. “We’re proud of that fact,” said Banks.

“Much of the engineering you find in Bluesound really has its roots in very high end technology.”

That high end technology is a degree of precision few electronics have, with a focus on audio for purists, who love sound when it’s not over processed, and is made to sound real, or at least the way the musician imagined it would sound when played in headphones or speakers.

But high-end HiFi hasn’t really evolved with the modern world, or not in the way many owners of modern technology would like.

While high-end sound systems are getting better all the time, they haven’t yet woken up to the idea of wireless streaming, with the world of high resolution audio not really tapped in this area.

Sonos lets you dabble in FLAC, and practically pioneered the world of multi-room audio, but if you want to listen to music on your own speakers with your own amplifier and send your high-end collection around your home through these speakers, you haven’t had a whole lot of options.

And that’s where Bluesound hopes to chime in.

“In some ways, we see Bluesound as the democratisation of high end audio,” said Banks, adding that it was “HiFi for a new generation.”

“Bluesound at its core is really a brand that is trying to marry the world of high resolution fabulous sounding HiFi to wireless multi-room streaming audio,” he said. “We see this as a first.”

To create that first, Bluesound’s people spent years working on a product that could change HiFi as it was known, delivering balanced and distinct sound and creating its own app for the products to talk to each other.

But unlike other multi room systems, most of the Bluesound products aren’t speakers, but rather streaming players designed to be connected to an existing HiFi setup.