BLUETTI at CES 2023 shows way for off-grid energy storage


While the usual suspects (TVs, computers, drones and AI) grabbed many of the headlines at CES 2023, power outages caused by extreme winter storms across the US reminded us why the portable power and backup category is rising in importance. These products don’t just charge your phone at the campsite, they also help keep the heat and the lights on in an emergency.

At the BLUETTI booth at CES, GadgetGuy saw mobile, modular and whole-home generator solutions (many with solar charging options) to cover both scenarios, and CEO Longman Li took time out to answer questions about the company’s range, key products for Australia, and plans for 2023.

What edge do your products have?

“In addition to offering clean energy solutions, BLUETTI is committed to giving consumers more choices in the market. Our products range from 268 watt-hours to several kilowatt-hours, and we offer a wide range of options in terms of outlets, including RV ports for RVers in addition to the regular DC/AC ports. With subsequent development, BLUETTI will also launch home grid-connected energy storage systems to provide consumers with more options for reliable clean backup energy systems.”

What is your most successful product in Australia?

“The most popular model should be AC200MAX. It’s portable, perfect for outdoor adventures. Also, It can expand the capacity by connecting it with an expansion battery, keeping home appliances running during power outages.”

What does BLUETTI see as the key use cases for portable power stations in Australia?

“Last year [2022], we shot a documentary about BLUETTI user Tom Phease, who is retired and living in an off-grid farm [in South Australia]. Tom uses AC300+B300 to power machines to build his farm and power his home appliances.”

Tom’s story was captured as part of BLUETTI’s Heroes program, and is available to view on YouTube.

What are BLUETTI’s plans for 2023?

“In 2023, BLUETTI plans to launch a new home grid-connected energy storage product, the EP900, which is designed to be grid-tied, allowing [US] customers to save a lot of money on their electricity bills by installing this system and ensuring that important loads in their homes can be powered 24/7, without having to deal with the inconvenience of power outages.”

As for the BLUETTI name, Longman says “blue stands for blue sky, the two Ts stand for ‘tomorrow and technology’, and the ‘I’ stands for innovation”.

BLUETTI CES 2023 highlights


The BLUETTI EP900 debuted CES, promising a complete home backup power solution when paired with the company’s B500 LFP batteries. Lithium iron phosphate batteries offer long life, fast recharging and high efficiency compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries, and an EP900with single B500 combo can provide 9kWh capacity. Connect sixteen B500 batteries and capacity increases to 79kWh, which BLUETTI claims allows the EP900 to keep a house running as usual for several days during a full power outage. 

The EP900 also integrates directly into a solar system to allow 9kW max solar input, or into any household AC wiring. It has a built-in hybrid inverter, which means it can provide mains power at 120/240V AC and can be topped up with mains power when needed.

Besides its peak-load shifting function to reduce electric bills, the EP900 also acts as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that switches instantly to battery power in 10ms after the grid power fails. In addition, the BLUETTI app allows real-time monitoring of the power consumption and working status of the entire system, keeping everything under control.

Easy installation indoor or outdoor (no wall mounting needed) and flexibility make it a comparable or even better alternative to the Tesla Powerwall, according to BLUETTI. It also offers a 10-year warranty in addition to 24/7 customer service in the US, where it will launch first in 2023. 

BLUETTI AC500+B300S modular energy storage

A successful modular combo, the AC500 and B300S raised $11 million from more than 4000 backers on Indiegogo in late 2022. The 16-outlet AC500 solar generator pumps out 5kW pure sine wave power and can be charged via 8kW AC and solar dual inputs. The AC500 can handle anything from home blackouts to outdoor camping when teamed with one to six B300S LFP batteries can provide a maximum capacity of 18,432Wh. 

With pass-through charging, app connectivity, UPS capabilities and split-phase availability when two AC50sets are connected in series, the system boasts a maximum 240V/10,000W output, making it a solid power centre for running most heavy-duty appliances.

Other power generators

BLUETTI classifies its products by size, usage or design, and has a line-up of portable generators called the EB series, including the compact EB3A. The AC200MAX, AC200P and EP500, EP500Pro make up the company’s all-in-one power giant collection, while the AC300+B300 falls into the same modular group as the AC500 and B300S described above. It’s worth noting that some standalone generators, such as the AC200 series, can offer expandable capacity too.

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