BLUETTI Boxing Day bargains

Bluettit boxing day

The post-Christmas Boxing Day shopping bonanza will kick off soon and BLUETTI, will be among the bargain setters, with discounts on a range of high-capacity generators, batteries and solar panels from 26 to 31 December. Whether it’s portable power for your next camping adventure or road trip, or back-up power for the whole house, you’re sure to find some electric deals.


Now $5999 (was $6999). Save $1000 and get a free foldable trolley

The new-release AC500 power station can connect up to six B300S expansion batteries, for a total capacity of 18,432Wh. It’s not just about endurance: the AC500’s inverter allows a continuous draw of 5000W, and can even surge to 10,000W, which means it will charge pretty much everything. It can be recharged via the wall outlet, solar panel, or combine the two. When using both inputs, an AC500 with two B300S batteries can be topped up 80% in just one hour.


Now $5199 (was $5999). Save $800 and get a free foldable trolley

As BLUETTI’s first 100% modular model, the AC300 features a 3000W AC pure sine wave inverter with 15 outlets and the accompanying B300 battery holds up 3072Wh power. Connected with four 3072Wh B300 expansion batteries, the unit will get a whopping capacity of 12,288Wh. Whether it’s building a home backup power system or providing sufficient power for glampings, the AC300 & B300 combo always has a way out. 


Now $4499 (was $5199). Save $700

As an upgrade to the AC200P, the AC200MAX comes with a 2048Wh LiFePO4 (LFP) battery pack and a 2200W pure sine wave inverter. This 15-outlet beastie can power all the essentials in no time. Like its predecessor, AC200MAX can expand its capacity with two B230 or B300 batteries to a maximum 6144Wh or 8192Wh (respectively). To recharge, it is capable of accepting up to 900W solar inputs and 400W AC input at the same time, and gets fully replenished between 2–2.5 hours. 

Expansion battery packs

B230 Now $1899, was $2299. Save $400

B300 Now $2899, was $3099. Save $200

With safe and durable LFP cells as the core, B230 and B300 hold 2048Wh and 3072Wh power storage respectively, and retain 80% of capacity after 3500 life cycles. They not only boost the capacity of some of BLUETTI’s generators, but also charge devices directly with their three DC ports (a 100W USB-C, a 12V/10A car output, and a USB-A port).

The B230 is compatible with BLUETTI AC200MAX, AC200P and EB150.

The B300 can team up with AC300, AC200P, AC200MAX, EB150 and EP500Pro.


Now $1499 (was $1849 ). Save $350

A compact and handy power bank will add extra fun to your summer holiday. The 11-outlet EB55 unit has a 537Wh capacity and 700W output, so it can charge smartphones, tablets, and laptops to full power many times before having to be re-powered. It also supports up to 400W (AC+PV) charging rate, which means charging from 0 to 80% only takes about 1.5 hours. At 7.5 kilos, it is super-handy and can easily be transported for camping and road trips. 

Free Gifts and Extra Bonus from BLUETTI

During the BLUETTI Boxing Day sale, every buyer who spends a certain amount on the official website has the chance to receive bonus BLUETTI gifts. These include the EB3A, PV120 solar panel, mini fridge and other useful gadgets. There is also a Lucky Draw for every order over $1000 and $100-200 coupons up for grabs. All orders will will be despatched by 30 January 2023, and gain five times BLUETTI bucks, which can be used to redeem BLUETTI Lifestyle products. The sale runs from 1pm 26 Dec to 11:59pm 31 December (AEDT).

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