BLUETTI Easter Sale 2023: more power for less

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The BLUETTI Easter Sale 2023 kicks off on 6 April, with up to 29% off power generators and solar panels to help have the best Easter holiday. Here’s a round-up of the deals on offer.

Looking ahead: AC180 power station

To promote the off-grid experience, BLUETTI will launch a new mid-size AC180 model. The AC180 is equipped with a 1152Wh LFP battery and an 1800W inverter, which can deliver up to 2700W of power in Power Lifting mode. It can power most household, outdoor and high-power appliances such as kettles, hairdryers and microwaves. 

The AC180 supports 500W solar charging and up to 1440W turbo charging, with 0–80% SOC taking about just 45 minutes, so there’s plenty of power for any quick getaway or party. AC180 uses safe and durable LiFePO4 battery cells and guarantees a long 5-year warranty. Reliable UPS function allows it to switch over in less than 20 milliseconds, and real-time remote monitoring is a breeze thanks to the intelligent BLUETTI APP.

Available in May, so not part of the BLUETTI Easter Sale 2023, you can knab early-bird pricing for the AC180 before its official release by subscribing to BLUETTI’s newsletter. 

EB200P power station

The sought-after EB200P has 2048Wh capacity and a 2200W pure sine wave inverter to power most appliances including fridges, TVs, satellite receivers, air conditioners (8000 BTU) and similar. The built-in durable LiFePO4 battery can ensure 3500+ life cycles before reaching 80% capacity and there are 15 outputs –  an RV plug, a car plug, two DC 5521 plugs, four AC plugs, two wireless charging pads and multiple USB ports – for multitasking charging. The EB200P supports up to 900W solar input, charging to 100% SOC in 3­­–3.5 hours, and dual charging, with AC+Solar (max. 1400W) or dual AC (1000W in total) to halve the recharging time. 

You can grab the hot seller for A$800 less than the usual $2999 in the BLUETTI Easter Sale, plus there are other sharply discounted bundles. These include savings of A$1182 on an EB200P with two PV350 solar panels, and savings of $1175 on an AB200P and three PV200 solar panels.

There are two other power stations similar to the BLUETTI EB200P: the AC200MAX and AC200P. Check the table of specs and prices below to choose your favourite.

Rated power2000W2200W2200W
PV charging700W900W900W
AC charging500W500W500W
Dual charging (AC+Solar)1200W1400W1400W
Warranty2 years2 years2 years

*Special price is valid 6-16 April 2023.  

EB3A and EB70 power stations

The entry-level EB3A is designed to make unlimited solar power easily accessible, when combined with the BLUETTI PV120/PV200 panels. Its 268Wh capacity, 600W output and versatile outputs can power many devices on the go. The EB3A supports dual charging of up to 430W via AC and PV, which means it takes just 30 minutes to charge to 80% capacity and 45 minutes to fully charge.

Another must-have power station is the BLUETTI EB70. Featuring 716Wh capacity and 1000W output (1400W surge), EB70 can be widely used with solar panels in various outdoor scenarios, including road trips, camping, picnics and fishing weekends. 

The two and their bundles are now 12–22% off during the BLUETTI Easter Sale 2023. Plus, you can get an EB3A+PV200 solar panel combo for $217 off. 

PV420 solar panel    

Where there’s sunlight, there’s sustainable, free energy, and the BLUETTI PV420 is the latest addition to the solar panel range. Like the PV120, PV200 and PV350 models, it uses monocrystalline cells and multi-layer ETFE to ensure better light transmission, higher efficiency and longer life. Thanks to its high conversion efficiency of 23.4%, the PV420 can generate 420W of power from sunlight. Its wide compatibility, IP65 rating and fold-and-go design make it an ideal companion for most common solar generators. 

Usually $1499, you can save $170 on PV420 in the sale.

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