B&O plays with a new TV, aluminium iPad dock

Bang & Olufsen products often command a certain level of respect, as well as a pretty dramatic amount of money one needs to purchase, but two new products from the company aim to let everyone dive in and grab some of the Danish style.

We’ve seen some high priced TVs from B&O in the past, but the first models in B&O’s “Play” range makes it possible for any family looking for a top tier television to find something premium without spending tens of thousands of dollars.

The V1 is like that, offering 32 inches for $3,690 and 40 inches for $4,490. While higher priced than their Asian equivalents in the market, the BeoPlay V1 features a Scandinavian design, steel cabinet, Class D ICEpower amplifier, and a stainless steel stand that lets it stand anywhere it wants even if you don’t have a piece of matching furniture.

“BeoPlay V1 has been designed by studying the way people use televisions in their homes,” said Tue Mantoni, Bang & Olufsen’s CEO. “We want it to fit into people’s lifestyles so they don’t have to fit their lives around a television. It can hang from the ceiling, stand on the floor or a shelf, or swing from the wall.”

BeoPlay’s V1 LCD TV will arrive at Australian Bang & Olufsen stores in late-May.

Over on the iPad side of things, B&O has a new dock adding to 2010’s reel-to-reel looking BeoSound 8.

This year, the company has unveiled the A3, a dock that can take the iPad and stand up or lie down, encasing the tablet in aluminium. Speakers are of course present – four of them, in fact – offering music playback for up to five hours on the built-in battery.

“We’re thrilled to present BeoPlay A3 to millions of iPad owners,” said Henrik Lorensen, Vice President for B&O Play. “It’s a great example of how our acoustic technology and design philosophy work with Apple products, and it demonstrates our commitment to great sound no matter where you are.”

The BeoPlay A3 should hit Australian stores in June and will be priced at $645 RRP.