Body Media releases digital coach to motivate 24/7/365

If you’re anything like us, you made a New Years resolution this year to lose weight, maybe even with the help of technology. With lots of gadgets available to do this, it’s possible that you had some success, but if you’re still looking for that holy grail gadget to push you over the edge, salvation may be coming in a new electronic coach.

Working in conjunction with the BodyMedia Fit armband, the Coach will use the smarts found inside the Fit to offer advice and motivation that works with your own diet and exercise routine.

“We all know that by eating less and exercising more, we lose weight and improve fitness, [but] the key to achieving our goals is motivation,” said Dr. Joanna McMillan of the Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association. “BodyMedia’s Fit Coach takes us one step further by providing the motivation we need to achieve our goals.”

The BodyMedia Fit works by analysing movements, skin temperature, sweat, and more using sensor technology, building up a profile on how well you’re doing and the calories you’ve burned.

Together with the Coach feature, it should be like having your own physical trainer around at all times, helping you along until you reach the target weight you’re after.

The BodyMedia Fit is available now for $229, though be aware that access to the online Fit Activity Manager will cost $7 per month after the first three months.