Should you swap your Telstra phone plan to Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile prepaid plans

Times are tough at the moment. As the cost of everyday goods and services continues to spiral out of control, the last thing any of us want to do is spend more on phone bills. Among a sea of big telcos increasing prices, it’s the smaller companies offering affordable plans for everyday Australians. Boost Mobile stands out as one to look out for, providing decent prepaid value with the same widespread mobile coverage as Telstra.

Earlier in the year, Telstra increased prices across its post-paid mobile and data plans, despite the company posting staggering profits. After the price increase, some users face paying more than $70 a year extra than before. For many, it’s the difference between affordable and unaffordable.

That’s why Boost Mobile has become an increasingly appealing alternative. A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), the company uses Telstra’s network infrastructure to provide coverage to 99.5% of Australians. This means Boost covers even more of the nation than Optus (98.5%).

When you consider the fact that Boost Mobile provides the same level of mobile coverage as Telstra, while offering more value, it’s worth looking into if you need a prepaid SIM plan.

How much do Boost Mobile prepaid plans cost?

To be clear, Boost Mobile also increased its prices earlier in the year, although it still offers more value for money than Telstra, particularly in terms of data. Data is an important consideration, as most carriers offer unlimited calls and messages within Australia. Your needs will likely differ from person to person, backed up by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s data showing that Australians download an average of 10.2 GB per month using mobile plans. Of course, as with any average figure, there are outliers on either side.

If you do need more data than the average person, however, a $35 recharge on a 28-day cycle with Boost Mobile gets you unlimited local calls and messages, plus 50GB of data. Telstra, on the other hand, only nets you 35GB for the same price. This is after any data bonuses offered as an initial promo to entice you to join one telco over another.

Many people don’t even need 10 GB of monthly mobile data – especially if you’re connected to Wi-Fi most of the time – which is where Boost Mobile has a clear advantage over Telstra. Boost’s cheapest current 28-day prepaid plan is $22, which comes with 7 GB of data. Anything you don’t use rolls over into the next recharge cycle. Meanwhile, $35 is Telstra’s cheapest 28-day plan. It does have a $12 7 GB option but it only lasts seven days before expiring.

Even in the long-term SIM plans, Boost Mobile comes out ahead of Telstra. A 12-month SIM from Telstra costs $320, while Boost has plans starting at $230, which works out to be less than $20 a month. With Boost, you’re either paying less or getting more for a similar amount of money than Telstra’s SIM plans.

If you want to look outside the Telstra network, you can check out the cheapest SIM plans each month to save on your phone bill. If there’s one thing you take away from this, it’s to know that you can still get widespread national coverage without paying Telstra prices.

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