Boost Mobile raises price of prepaid SIM plans, trims long-expiry

Boost Mobile price increase July 2024
Image: Boost Mobile.
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Another day, another telco price hike. Today, Boost Mobile is the latest retailer to announce price increases to its prepaid SIM plans.

Most plans will cost an extra $4 per recharge once the revised pricing begins on 22 October. Boost Mobile is also consolidating its long-expiry products, cutting the $230 option that came with 160GB over 12 months, while the $300 and $365 plans remain unchanged.

Current priceNew price from 22 October 2024Price changeExpiry
$12 for 5GB$13 for 5GB$17 Days
$22 for 7GB$26 for 7GB$428 Days
$35 for 25GB$39 for 25GB$428 Days
$45 for 35GB$49 for 35GB$428 Days
$55 for 45GB$59 for 45GB$428 Days
$70 for 90GB$74 for 90GB$428 Days
$230 for 160GBNo longer offeredN/A12 Months
$300 for 240GB$300 for 240GBSame12 Months
$365 for 365GB$365 for 365GBSame12 Months
Boost Mobile price changes.

Boost Mobile is the only mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that offers full access to the Telstra network. This is reflected in slightly higher prices than other telcos that only have partial network access. Continued investment in mobile coverage and performance is cited as the main reason behind the price increase.

“Any changes to our pricing structure is not something we take lightly, especially in this economic climate, but is done so that we can maintain the very best in mobile coverage and performance,” said Jason Haynes, General Manager of Boost Mobile.

“We have worked hard to ensure some of our most popular options for consumers remain unchanged with our 12-month long-life plans, accessing full coverage on the Telstra network for just $25 a month.”

More expensive plans across the board

Boost is far from the only Australian telco to raise prices. Telstra and its budget Belong brand will also cost more in the coming months. It’s not just phone plans, either. More expensive wholesale NBN means many home internet plans are also going up.

In light of Boost Mobile’s impending price increase, here are the current cheapest prepaid SIM plans with a 28-day expiry or more:

In addition to its phone coverage, Boost Mobile intends to sell broadband. Announced earlier in the year, its NBN product hasn’t launched yet, although bundle offers with its prepaid mobile plans are on the cards.

In the meantime, compare the cheapest SIM plans to find the best deal for your needs.

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