Boost Mobile re-signs with Telstra network for another 5 years

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile has resigned with Telstra for another five years to use its complete 3/4G mobile broadband network.

BOOST MOBILE, the world’s largest youth telco brand. Founded in Australia in 2000, it provides mobile network coverage, competitive data plans, with no lock-in contracts. As a ‘boost’ it is powered by the 4G Telstra Mobile Network for another five years.

“Today’s announcement cements Boost Mobile as a core pillar of Telstra’s multi-brand strategy. It is recognition of our position as a brand that is immersed in youth culture. We know what our customers want because we are part of their community,” said Peter Adderton, Boost Mobile Founder and Director.

“We are now a global, multi-billion-dollar brand but never forget that it all started in Australia, which remains an important market of focus for us. Today’s news ensures we can continue to offer customers access to a network powered by Telstra, with our plans that address their specific needs, wants and desires. We appreciate the ongoing and ever-growing relationship we share with Telstra, and their desire to embrace and grow with Boost Mobile”, he added.

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Boost is unique among MVNOs (mobile virtual network operator -resellers). It is the only one to use the full Telstra network. However, where Boost differs from the Telstra offering is that it does not use Telstra’s full ‘4GX’ speed capacity. It has 100Mb/s speed cap on the 4GX network.

Other resellers only use parts of Telstra and may not offer the same level of coverage, especially in rural regions. Telstra also Telstra Air (Fon), free streaming of Apple Music, AFL and NRL coverage, and other bonuses.

Although Boost’s cap is 100Mb/s (1.25MB/s), it is still fast enough for HD video and audio streaming. These use up to 10Mb/s. 4K video is a different matter – at least 25Mb/s and closer to 50 without a buffer. Boost also include free data-streaming of Apple Music (subscription required).

Boost Mobile