Bosch eBike Systems rev up the range

Bosch eBike

Bosch eBike Systems are releasing the largest new range of eBike motors and technology in its ten-year history.

In fact, Bosch eBike Systems (Australian website here) has coined a new term – pedelecs – and setting industry standards for reliability, range and safety.

Bosch is a well-known name and its decision to diversify into eBike technology (not eBike manufacture) in 2009 was a logical extension of its patented motor technology that also drives cordless power tools, as well as electric motors, electronics and sensors in the automotive sector.

Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems, said,

“10 years ago, we started with a handful of employees who believed in the pedelec, demonstrating excitement and a lot of personal commitment. None of us expected the success story today from those beginnings.”

Bosch eBike

Bosch took an international approach from the outset. Following its launch in the European markets, the company opened its subsidiaries in North America and Asia. It has also been active in the Japanese market. Today, Bosch eBike Systems is among the leading manufacturers of eBike drive systems within the premium segment. More than 70 well-known bike brands have put their trust in “epowered by Bosch” products.

Bosch eBike asks where to now?

“We are confident that the eBike is a significant response to megatrends such as urbanisation, connectivity, mobility and climate protection. To this end, will continue to contribute with pioneering products and services relating to the topic of Connected Biking.”

Bosch Group will transform the former Bosch eBike Systems business unit into an independent division as of January 1, 2020.

Bosch eBike technology powers over 70 brands/models of pedelec.

The new products will include:

  • Performance Line CX motor: The most powerful drive unit yet, offering up to 340% support. The unit weighs 2.9kg and is almost 50% smaller than previous models.
  • Performance Line motor: Offers up to 300% support up to 25km/h, with max torque of 65Nm.
  • Cargo Line: New design specifically for transporting goods in city environments. Offers up to 400% support, max torque 75Nm and can transport weight up to 250kg.
  • PowerTube 625 Battery: Bosch’s biggest battery at 625 watts, integrated into the bike frame. Charges to 50% in less than 1.5 hours and 100% in 3.7 hours.  Also, a new 400-watt battery in the PowerTube range.
  • Smartphone Hub: Smart control centre connects rider with their smartphone and the COBI.Bike app. The rider will have seamless access to navigation, music, fitness tracking and even the ability to make calls during their ride.
  • Kiox: An onboard computer that provides greater connectivity than ever before. The Kiox offers an electronic controllable suspension system through connecting smartphone app and eBike Connect portal.
  • Anti-Tuning Software: Protects your eBike from the technical problems, safety issues and legal consequences of manipulation to the systems.

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