Bose Companion 5

Spend the big money like the Jamo i300, and Bose delivers a 2.1 system with a serious amount of tech inside. Right up front there’s the TrueSpace surround sound emulator – connect this system to a PC via USB and it will do its best to simulate 5.1 surround through the three speakers – that means this system has a digital connection, although it only works with the PC.

The subwoofer is powered by Bose?s proprietary Acoustimass technology which aims to enhance the power of the bass signal thanks to clever architecture in the box. And it works, the Companion 5 has the thumpiest sound of all products in this category.

Sound quality in general is typically Bose-tastic. The satellites come pre-installed on stands which lifts them closer to ear-level, and this subtly improves the audio experience. The system is also capable of pounding out the beats, though in typical Bose fashion the power rating is not stated. It’s a shame that a system with such awesome speaker technology doesn’t have a remote or a better volume control module. The little hockey puck looks cute, but the touch-sensitive mute button is very sensitive, and it’s hard to make the speakers really quiet. Twist the volume ring and you get either off, or fairly loud.

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