Bose expands Bluetooth range with a speaker and headphone duo

Bose is one active company lately, and while we saw new noise cancellation cans barely a week ago, now we’re seeing a new pair of headphones designed for people who hate cables, with a speaker to match that ethos.

Built for phones and computers, Bose’s mobile-ready SoundLink range is getting a couple of newbies, made to help you take your sound supply on the go and leaving the cords in the bag, on the desk, or thrown out together.

First is a pair of headphones, and for these Bose has build the SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth headphones.

From a design point of view, the new headphones look like the SoundTrue cans we checked out recently, but with the option to remove cable from the equation thanks to the inclusion of Bluetooth support.

There’s also some auto adaptive audio adjustment technology that will increase or decrease volume based on what microphones built into the headphones are hearing, helping to make the music sound better if you’re in a noisy environment, while Bose’s proprietary TriPort technology helps to deliver balanced sound with detail.

Being Bluetooth cans, they also support making phone calls and controlling the music without needing to touch your phone, with a rechargeable battery taken care of over USB and lasting up to 15 hours on a full charge, or for up to two hours if you’ve only had 15 minutes to charge them.

Pricing for Bose’s SoundLink Bluetooth headphones comes in at $329 locally.

Also picking up attention is a speaker to match the SoundLink headphone.

In fact, it matches it so much it even sports a similar name, found in the form of Bose’s SoundLink Colour Bluetooth speaker.

This one is small-ish, though we’re not sure how it relates to Bose’s other SoundLink Bluetooth speaker, the SoundLink Mini. Both are small, but the newbie — the colour one, which does appear to come in several shades — is tallish, with a height of 13.5cm, making it sized for a small bag.

This height gives Bose the ability to put two passive radiators inside, working alongside two transducers, which Bose says gives the SoundLink Colour Bluetooth Speaker “full-range sound, including deep, low-note performance.”

There’s eight hours of playback to be had over the USB charged battery, and this speaker will arrive in stores shortly for $179, alongside the SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth headphones.