One of the first companies with a pair of noise cancelling headphones is one of the last to ditch the cable, as Bose finally (finally) makes its QuietComfort cordless.

Good news noise-haters, because if you’ve ever experienced the excellence that is Bose’s ambient-noise cutting technology, you will very, very shortly be able to take that experience without a cord.

Stores in Australia are about to receive the next generation of Bose QuietComfort headphones, as the series bumps up to the “QC35” model number and the headphones ditch the AAA battery and gains an in-built battery rechargeable over microUSB.


This battery will be used by the same noise cancellation technology the company used on its previous QC25 headphones, meaning the headphones rely on microphones both in- and outside the ear cups to track sound, comparing and cancelling them out, allowing only the right audio to go to your ears as you listen.

Bose has brought over a few new tricks, such as one that will allow the microphones to pick up on sound levels as people raise their voice around you if you walk nearby someone on their phone, with the headphones raising the level of volume for the headphones so you don’t lose out on your music or phone call.

The battery also allows the headphones to talk to a smartphone or tablet wirelessly, with Bluetooth 4 support in the box, meaning you won’t need to plug the Bose QC35 headphones into a smartphone unless you want to, or you’re on a flight where Bluetooth isn’t allowed or shouldn’t be used.