Bose SoundDock 10 – Twiddler on the loose

The Bose SoundDock 10 was shown off today, a one-piece digital music system – it’s an iPod/iPhone dock, or using the 3.5 mm jack you can also connect a portable CD player or MP3 player. In addition to the dedicated iPod/iPhone docking the SoundDock 10 is both Made for iPod and Works with iPhone certified.

Other connectivity options include a video output and an optional Bluetooth adaptor. Using the video out you can play video stored on your iPod or iPhone on your TV, while the soundtrack for the video will play through the SoundDock 10.

The SoundDock 10 is also future-proofed somewhat, with an optional Bluetooth adaptor allowing you to wirelessly beam audio from a Bluetooth phone or MP3 player. Because the Bluetooth dock pops out, as standards change it will simply be a matter of upgrading the optional dock for your SoundDock 10 to keep up with the digital times.

This is a beefy little system, weighing 8.4 kg, one-third of which is the subwoofer alone, and measures 22.1 x 43.2 x 24.4 cm (H x W x D). Inside Bose has reworked its waveguide, which works to produce big sound from a small acoustic space, and its newly-designed woofer is claimed to “deliver four times the efficiency of a conventional woofer”. Another slice of new tech for the SoundDock 10 is the Twiddler transducers, Twiddler being a portmanteau word they’ve created to reflect the dual role of high-frequency transducer and mid-range driver.

As ever, Bose plays coy with the numbers, the only specs released are the weight and dimensions. But it did sound quite good in the demonstration at the press launch, in what was not at all a purpose-built audio room.

Price and availability

The Bose SoundDock 10 will be available on 27 October, 2009, at an RRP of $999. The optional Bluetooth dock will be $249 RRP.