Braun, Oral-B demonstrate the future of facial grooming

Some people demand the best of everything. The best clothes. The best food. Other people want the best ways to take care of themselves, and with that, Braun has unveiled two gadgets designed to help you take better care of your body.

Not specifically your body, though; rather your face, and if you’re anything like us, you care immensely about the state of health of your teeth.

For the person that wants to take the best care of their teeth, Oral-B has unveiled it’s most “advanced power brush” in the form of the Oral-B 7000 Black.

This toothbrush features 48,800 movements per minute, rotating and pulsating to provide the deepest clean currently available, while also offering a “Smart Guide” to monitor how long you’re brushing for, rewarding you with a smiley face when you’ve brushed the recommended two minutes.

Several modes are available on this toothbrush, from regular cleaning to a deep clean, a sensitive brush cycle, one for whitening, and even a tongue cleaner, with the Smart Guide showing you what mode you’re currently using.

At $299, it’s not a cheap toothbrush, but then again, Oral-B isn’t targeting any and every person with this, providing the best of the best toothbrush with a best of the best toothbrush case that provides a metal exterior for taking top dental coverage with you.

Oral-B’s 7000 Black will be hitting the Shaver Shop from October, while every other store should receive it nationally from January 2014.

Next up is the face, with a shaver made for the man in the house that needs to get that beard trimmed back to skin.

If you’re a guy, you know that one of the problems associated with using a razor stems from irritation in the skin, as the razor is pushed hard against the skin, as the outermost layer of skin cuts and the face gets warmer. This can mean an itchy face afterwards, with a burning feeling that only lotions or cooling gels can help to reduce.

Braun’s solution to the problem is cool, though, in more ways than one.

See the metal bar? That's a cooling block of aluminium.

For its CoolTec products, the company has built in a Thermo-Electric Cooling system that works alongside an aluminium bar in the middle of the razor head.

As the razor cuts, the aluminium bar cools to around -6 degrees Celsius to cool the skin as you drag the razor over facial hair, soothing the skin as the cut is made, resulting in more comfort long-term.

“The launch of CoolTec is far more than simply the latest Braun innovation,” said Michael Kewley, Marketing Manager for Braun’s Male Dry Shaving division, “it’s quite possibly the most technologically advanced dry shaver in the world.”

We went hands on – not face on – with the shaver today, removing the razor head to see if this technology works. When running, you can actively feel the metal bar getting cold, and it doesn’t take long.

We have one, and we’re keen to try it, so look out for a hands-on review shortly. Otherwise, you’ll be able to find the Braun CoolTec available across the country for a recommended retail price of $229.


The cooling can be switched on and off with the snowflake button.