Braun sharpens skills for precision beard trimming

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As a guy with a beard, this journalist can tell you that nothing is more frustrating than a trim that isn’t as schmick as you hope for, but with a new trimmer on the way, Braun is hoping that feeling becomes a thing of the past.

Beards may be on the return, but trimmers don’t seem to have as much attention paid their way as electronic or motorised shavers. Perhaps it’s just far more interesting to develop speedy shavers, or perhaps it has more in common with people shaving hair off as opposed to merely down for a nice pattern or fuzzy face.

This journalist and reviewer rarely goes back to skin, and his face is always warm thanks to a few millimetres of fuzz, but getting it to the point where one can be proud of is hardly easy. Often, you’ll find tufts not working, leading to excess pulling in the middle of the day, an exercise that can make you look intelligent even if it’s just painful subtle grooming where you hope no one else is paying attention.

Fortunately, that might go away and the art and act of grooming that fuzz could indeed go to plan with Braun indicating that more research has been done to reveal that precision is indeed necessary when dealing with facial hair.

According to an award-winning grooming expert — something we weren’t even aware was a thing — specific beards are in fashion, with QT Hotel’s Kris Jones informing GadgetGuy that beards such as The Victorian Full Beard (with “a thick beard that covers the upper lip and cheeks, with sideburns down the side of your face, all around your mouth, over your chin”) and The Jaw Dropper (which is apparently a new way of saying goatee) are in.


This journalist mostly tends to stick with “The Beard”, which is another way of saying hair growing on his face that occasionally gets trimmed to a point.

We’re not quite sure what the experts would say about that, though beards are a mark of individuality.

“Before you start growing your masterpiece you need to consider you face shape and what style of beard will complement you,” said Jones.

“For someone with a round or wide face, a longer beard can make the face appear longer to help balance your features. For someone with a thinner face, a thicker heavier beard can help the face to appear fuller.”


Getting a beard to this point can be a bit of a complicated effort depending on the trimmer, though, and Braun’s developments hope to help with that, with the trimmer not so much changing, but a specialty comb being added to work with a precision dial to hone in on the right length, which in turn will get the beard and a bit of patience to the right shape.

Two combs are included to make use of that dial, with that precision comb working across 1 to 10mm in 0.5mm increments, while the long beard comb can be used between 10 and 20mm in 2mm increments, catering for what Braun says is 25 settings.

You’ll also find two batteries in the unit, with support for the unit to run cordless or corded with a 5 minute quick charge good for one trim while a full charge takes a full hour and yields around 40 minutes. It’s also washable which also should mean clean-up is a little easier.


Pricing on the Braun Beard Trimmer comes in at $89 with availability at Harvey Norman, Myer, David Jones, and The Shaver Shop, and you’ll find it with the official product code of BT5070.

Now if you don’t mind, we’re going to go try this once more, this time with feeling. *buzz*