Braven braves water and snow with rugged speakers

While other speakers shy away from trouble, a new brand aims to survive where those ones can’t, with a protection level that will make danger its middle name.

Designed to be light and small, as well as resistant to most of what people will throw at it, Braven’s BRV-1 is being geared as the speaker of choice for people heading into the wilderness and water.

The compact speaker brings with it around 12 hours of playback time and takes audio input over Bluetooth, while also supporting a port for recharging a device if the juice is running out. It’s also quite small, can be worn around the arm or neck with the aid of a lanyard loop, and is IPX5 certified for shock and water resistance.

“We designed the BRV-1 to be the perfect all weather companion for any activity,” said Valentine Lopez, Executive Vice President or Braven.

“We upped the cool factor with the look and functionality of this speaker without sacrificing our high-quality sound or signature charging capability.”

Pricing looks to be competitive against other Bluetooth speakers, with both the “lava” (orange) and “glacier” (blue) models coming in at $219.99 in stores across the country.