Braven paints colour into a picture of sound

In this job, you see quite a few speakers, the majority of which tend to sit in white, black, or silver, but a new range offers up colour without cables.

The speakers come courtesy of Braven, and are part of the company’s “805” series, which offer orange, red, green, yellow, teal, magenta speakers, or even some of that basic white, black, or grey if you’re not into colourful options for your home.


Aside for colours, the speakers rely on Bluetooth technology, and offer a noise-cancelling microphone to turn the 805 into a portable speakerphone if you need that too.

People who need more battery life for their phone might be interested to know that there’s a built-in 400mAh battery bank here, and if you’re thinking of picking up several Braven speakers, we’re told that the 805 can link up with another 805, or a speaker from the 850, 855, 1100, and HD line-up to create stereo sound over a wireless link.


“The 805 is more than a speaker,” said Valentine Lopez, Executive Vice President at Braven, “it’s an extension of your home.”

“It is the only part of your home décor that allows you to enjoy your favourite music whether you like lounging in the living room, dining and cooking in the kitchen or relaxing in the backyard.”


Braven’s range of speakers will appear in stores across Australia for a recommended retail price of $329.99, while a smaller version will find its way to shelves for $179.99 in the 705 series.