Breville adds Heston as a chef ambassador

Celebrity chefs are everywhere. You see them on TV, food packets, and even on appliances, and with that latter one, the quirky gastronomer known as Heston Blumenthal will now be working with Breville.

“Heston is one of the most exciting and creative chefs in the world,” said Breville’s CEO, Jack Lord. “Renowned for his award-winning, delicious tasting dishes it’s Heston’s unique approach to cooking and the science behind the process that makes this such a perfect match.”

Officially part of the Breville team from this week, the chef joins the Australian company to help make gadgets that will push cooking to new heights.

“Heston is admired and respected internationally, and as we continue to market the products we design and engineer here in Australia to more and more countries across the world, Heston’s reputation and input is going to help us expand even more rapidly,” said Lord.

It’s more than just slapping a name on a brand, with Breville’s Scott Brady telling GadgetGuy that the collaboration will be involve working together behind the scenes to make Breville appliances.

“From conception to testing and recipe development, Heston will be heavily involved in shaping the future Breville product range,” said Brady.

“We’ve already spent quite a bit of time brainstorming with Heston and his team in both Sydney and London. On each occasion, the depth of his food insights and the genius of his product ideas have had us chomping at the bit for more.”

Heston isn’t the only chef to be connected to home appliances, with Jamie Oliver working with Philips, LG working with Matt Moran, and even Gordon Ramsay partnering with Maurice Phillips overseas.

We’re probably not the only ones thinking of this, but it will be interesting to see what sort of results the Breville partnership with Heston brings, especially since the British chef has been known to shake up how many see cooking and food.

“We’ve already put dozens of Breville products through their paces, a punishing task for any piece of kit with a bunch of chefs, and the level of thought and ingenuity in the design is matched by resilience,” said Blumenthal. “We’ve been really impressed and I can’t wait to get into the lab and see what other clever tools we can create together. We’ve already mapped out some pretty interesting stuff.”