Breville cooks up a storm with tantalising tech

Kitchen appliances are getting better at making the food we love, with Australian kitchen gadget maker Breville showcasing a new range of tech designed to make it easier to make scrumptious treats at home.

Set to arrive in April just before Mother’s Day, Breville’s new range of products has been developed for customers keen on making food like they see on TV and in restaurants.

Basically, we’re watching so much reality kitchen TV that we’re wanting to produce food exactly like they do, only without resorting to the extreme premium costs normally associated with restaurant-grade appliances.

To aid in this, Breville has introduced a line of products that aims to bring our kitchens up to scratch, throwing technology into our kitchens capable of producing restaurant quality food.

One of these is the Multi Chef, a product that aims to cut down on the amount of appliances you need by combining functions.

Do you have a slow cooker? Do you have a rice cooker?

Would you like to ditch them and combine them into one product? Breville’s Multi Chef (BRC600) packs in a 3.7 litre slow cooker, steamer, risotto maker, and a 10 cup rice cooker, able to make lots of food in one gadget for $130.

Do you also have a stand mixer and hand mixer, and would like to converge both of these? Breville is doing the same thing in this area, making a combined hand-stand mixer that sadly won’t do hand-stands, but work as both a fixed stand mixer or a smaller hand mixer.

The $170 Handy Stand Mixer (BHM600) looks like a regular fixed stand mixer, but features beaters that change the power needed based off mixture strength while using independent motors for both the bowl and beaters. And when you don’t need the full stand mixer, the mixer section separates and functions as a hand mixer.

The ice cream maker is covered in stainless steel and features a 1 litre container.

Ice cream fanatics – this writer is one of them – with a spare $400 to spend will be keen to see the Breville compressor-based ice cream makers receive an upgrade, with the new Smart Scoop (BCI600) able to sense the hardness of the mixture and by using pressure gauges and sensors. We heard it in action and the Smart Scoop is not only much quieter than other ice cream makers we’ve seen, but after tasting a two-hour churn, is also able to produce a more restaurant quality texture.

Or you could try frying something, with a new $170 oil fryer featuring a setting aimed at making the restaurant grade twice-fried chip.

Frying chips isn't very good for you, but it's so tasty. You're probably craving some right now.

Ok, we all know that it’s bad for you, and practically anything fried isn’t going to be helping your diet or fitness regime, but Breville’s Smart Fryer (BDF500) can work out when you’re throwing frozen chips in and account for the temperature different so it won’t produce extra oily chips. It can also produce lots of other fried foods, such as donuts and calamari rings, but we all know you’re itching for some hot chips.

Finally, coffee lovers not satisfied with the sort of cup a Nespresso machine can offer may find themselves gravitating towards the $549 Infuser (BES840), a new machine that borrows technology from Breville’s dual-boiler model that normally costs three times more.

The Infuser uses patented technology that offers a more balanced flavour thanks to better extraction technology, a 54mm group head, and a pressure gauge. The tamper is also removable, volumes of coffee can be programmed for one and two cup shots, and a high pressure steam wand is included for making those nice cappuccinos. Now all you need is a way of grinding those beans.

Breville won’t be releasing these products until April, however, so look for them in stores soon.