Bright LG G3 OLED leads the 2023 TV and audio range

LG G3 OLED TV 2023

LG confirmed its full 2023 audiovisual range overnight, led by the LG G3 OLED TV, marking 10 years of the company’s OLED displays.

33 new TV models and four soundbars are coming to Australia throughout the year. As first discussed at CES 2023, many of the devices are upgrades of previous models offering a range of technologies including OLED, QNED, and regular LED displays.

Another display first shown at CES coming to Australia later in the year is the wireless LG Signature OLED M TV. Also attempting to change how we watch TV is the quirky StanbyME, a portable display on a stand that you can wheel between rooms.

For audio aficionados, the LG SC9S is the company’s flagship soundbar coming to local shores in 2023. A big focus for the brand this year is synchronicity between devices and ease of mounting.

LG G3 goes brighter than the OLEDs before it

Of the OLED TVs primed to make the biggest living room impact, the LG G3 carries the biggest expectations. It’s the feature device in LG’s consumer OLED range this year, followed by the C3 and B3 models. Thankfully, the company has done away with its confusing naming conventions of last year, with the B3 label clearly identifying it as the entry-level OLED. Despite 2022’s LG CS being a great TV, its name didn’t clarify where it sat on the pecking order.

Brightness is the main point of difference between the three OLED models. Both the G3 and C3 models feature OLED Evo, LG’s in-house technology that’s brighter than standard OLED. At the top of the range, the G3’s Brightness Booster Max feature reportedly enables up to 70 per cent greater brightness than the base B3 non-Evo model.

According to LG, part of this is due to a screen-printed layer between the TV’s glass and OLED panel called the “Micro Lens Array” (MLA). It’s said to redirect light towards you while watching and is more efficient at displaying bright scenes with lots of white. So confident in the G3 is LG, that it offers a five-year panel warranty, up from the standard one-year warranty offered for other models.

Also included in the LG G3 is the Alpha9 Gen 6 AI Processor. It’s the company’s latest processor, designed to enhance light control, improve upscaling, and optimise HDR content. Plus, the TV also comes with a pedestal stand included alongside its One Wall Design, intended to leave minimal gaps when wall mounted.

Alongside the three core OLED models is the premium 8K Z3, but LG hasn’t provided many details on this ultra-expensive $15,999 variant yet. Expect to see the new OLED TVs in stores later this month starting at $2,599 for the smallest 42-inch size.

But wait, there’s more OLED

As alluded to before, the “3” range is just the tip of the OLED iceberg. Also coming this year is the LG Signature OLED M, a TV that doesn’t have any input ports on the unit. Instead, it connects wirelessly to a Zero Connect box, letting you do away with the traditional TV cabinet. It enables you to beam content in 4K resolution at up to 120Hz from the box to the TV without cables cluttering the TV’s space.

In theory, it’s a helpful way to connect HDMI devices to wall-mounted TVs. You could place the Zero Connect box on a nearby shelf or surface in direct line of sight to the TV and plug in your games consoles or other devices neatly out of the way. We don’t know the pricing details yet, but you can expect to see it available in 97, 83, and 77-inch sizes later this year.

Other OLED displays include LG’s lifestyle Objet models, the Posé and Easel. You may have seen videos of the Easel in action before; it’s the one with the fabric, curtain-like cover that raises and lowers as needed. Meanwhile, the Posé is a 55-inch OLED Evo TV designed to stand on its own two legs. Literally. Out in April, the Posé costs $3,499, while the designer Easel costs $12,999.

While these OLED TVs include all manner of game-friendly features, one display combines the features of a TV with the low latency of a PC monitor: the LG OLED Flex. A 42-inch display, the Flex lets you manually swap between a flat configuration to a 900R curved one. Plus, there are the standard anti-stuttering and anti-tearing G-Sync and AMD Free-Sync features expected of modern gaming displays. This one’s out in July for $4,999.

QNEDs, soundbars, and a portable display

Although LG’s focus is for people to buy into OLED, it recognises that the more cost-effective LED TVs still have a place in the market. OLEDs use self-lit pixels, which is great for high contrast and precise image control, but usually isn’t as bright as LED TVs, especially those using mini LED technology. LG didn’t provide exact brightness specifications for comparison, so we’ll only be able to test this out when we experience the 2023 range in person.

Leading the QNED range this year is the QNED86 mini LED model available in 65, 75, and 86-inch sizes this July. Before then, the more affordable QNED81 series is out later this month. According to LG, this year’s QNED range benefits from improved contrast control that better presents shades of colour. QNEDs may not get the same level of kudos as OLEDs, but they’re still strong displays, like last year’s LG QNED91 TV. If you’re not concerned with the latest and greatest features, there are also new regular 4K LED TVs available later this month in the UR80 line.

Or, if you want something completely different, the StanbyME is a 27-inch Full HD touch LED display that sits on a portable stand. Powered by a rechargeable battery, you can wheel it around the house, swivel and adjust its height to suit wherever you want to watch it. StanbyME also supports casting content from mobile devices using NFC technology.

Launched last month, the SC9S is LG’s lead soundbar for 2023, with SE6S, S77S and SH7Q models also out in the coming months. With the SC9S, you can seamlessly mount it with a C2 or C3 OLED using the new Synergy Bracket, making it easy to have a unified audiovisual setup. Plus, the new soundbars tap into the WOW Orchestra technology, enabling the TV speakers and soundbar to generate a cohesive audio experience.

2023 LG TV and soundbar availability and price


OLED Z3 OLED77Z3 $15,999 April 
OLED G3 OLED83G3 $10,999 April 
OLED77G3 $8,399 April 
OLED65G3 $5,299 April 
OLED55G3 $4,199 April 
OLED C3 OLED83C3 $8,999 April 
OLED77C3 $6,799 April 
OLED65C3 $4,299 April 
OLED55C3 $3,299 April 
OLED48C3 $2,899 April 
OLED42C3 $2,599 April
OLED B3OLED77B3 $6,499 April 
OLED65B3 $4,099 April 
OLED55B3 $3,149 April 
QNED86 86QNED86SRA $5,999 July 
75QNED86SRA $4,499 July 
65QNED86SRA $3,499 July 
QNED8186QNED81 $4,999 April 
75QNED81 $3,499 April 
65QNED81 $2,499 April 
55QNED81 $1,999 April 
QNED75 75QNED75 $2,499 July 
65QNED75 $1,899 July 
55QNED75 $1,499 July 
50QNED75 $1,299 July 
43QNED75 $1,099 July 
UR80 86UR8050 $2,999 April 
75UR8050 $1,999 April 
65UR8050 $1,499 April 
55UR8050 $1,199 April 
50UR8050 $999 April 
43UR8050 $899 April 
LG Posé  55LX1QPSA $3,499 April 
LG Easel 65ART90ESQA $12,999 April 
LG OLED Flex 42LX3Q $4,999 July 
LG StanbyME Portable Screen 27ART10AKPL $1,999 July 



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