BrilliantSmart by Brilliant Lighting – just brilliant #Stop the energy rip-off


I had a perfect testing day (they are not often like this) – every BrilliantSmart device quickly installed and worked flawlessly. The range includes LED lighting, security cameras, sensors, smart switches and more.

I have to say that I had never heard of BrilliantSmart, let alone Brilliant Lighting, and before I took on the review challenge, we did due diligence to ensure this was not a one-off dodgy import.

It turns out that BrilliantSmart (website here) is part of Brilliant Lighting (website here) based in Rowville, Victoria that distributes Australia-wide via electrical contractors, DIY, department stores and specialty lighting and electrical retailers. It is a new overall brand for Brilliant’s smart products.

So, you are likely to see or be able to order BrilliantSmart products at places like Aldi, Bunnings, Freedom, and over 1700 licensed electricians and stores.

It also explains why I could not get recommended retail prices – it is up to the outlet and installer. More on that later but if you see a price below its indicative only and there may be discounts and promotions as well.


So, to answer the question – yes, Brilliant Lighting is serious about providing smart devices, and it has done a lot of homework to offer easy to install and trouble-free devices. It has all the electrical test and certificates. I am impressed.

BTW – I noticed some stores use two words Brilliant Smart and some list under Brilliant Lighting. Do not confuse this brand with Brilliant Smart home controllers (US-based) and many devices advertising Brilliant smart XYZ.

We review four BrilliantSmart devices from a comprehensive range of products (all are smart, Wi-Fi-connected)

After this great experience, I will be pleased to test more BrilliantSmart products.


  • Download the BrilliantSmart app for Android (tested) or iOS
  • Register for an account (email, password and location)
  • Add the device – usually by selecting the device type from the menu
  • Give the device a unique name and allocate to a room

The list of devices is extensive and likely reflects the range of products that the ODM factory (uses Tuya’s leading IoT platform that powers over 100 million products) will make for BrilliantSmart. There is support for a yet to be released range of Zigbee and Bluetooth products so expect more from this brand.

BrilliantSmart device

In every case the product attached to the 2.4GHz channel of our NETGEAR AX12 router (AX9 review here) and were placed up to 30 metres away where the signal measured a very healthy 229Mbps. I am very impressed with the staying power of this super router. Note: If your router is underpowered, then you may need to use a free Wi-Fi analysis app to work out maximum distances.

Smarts – Voice Assistance and IFTTT

We tested with Google Assistant and its simply a matter of adding the BrilliantSmart Action to that. Easy and all you do is allocate rooms to the devices. You can also add an Alexa skill. As it works with iOS, we can only assume HomeKit support.

These will turn on/off named or room lights to a specified percentage or colour. You can also set up routines (schedules).

It also has IFTTT support to bind the devices into a larger ecosystem. IFTTT means ‘If this then that’ and you can set nested conditions across a myriad of smart devices, e.g. If the front door sensor opens then turn on the hall light and activate the security video unless it is me and I have a geofenced smartphone.

You need to use the app to access more features. Voice assistants (as with all brands of smart lights) do not support calling named scenes (at this time).

As a review is all about setup and use we will simply identify the best use of these devices.

A60 White + RGB LED globe (Bayonet cap or Edison Screw) ($40 in ES or BC)

If you have an old incandescent light, you can replace it with this RGB + White globe. Connect via Wi-Fi, and you can call Google to activate it or manually switch it on (it remembers the last setting).

Perfect for reading lamps, hard to reach places (these last a long time) and to reduce energy from 80-100W to 9W. White is set at 3000K (warm white) to avoid Blue Light (cool white sensitivity). Dimming is electronic from 0-100% (800 lumens), e.g. you don’t need a dimmer switch.

BrilliantSmart RGB

There is also a white only 900 lumens light.

GadgetGuy’s take: Great price, performance and very easy to use.

IP44 weather-resistant LED RGBW 2m strip lighting kit ($100)

We were keen to review this 2m LED RGB+W self-adhesive strip as it is one of the few that is water-resistant IP44 – Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect, utilising either: a) an oscillating fixture or b) A spray nozzle with no shield.

What this means is that, within reason, it will stand out to outdoor use and bathroom use.

There are three parts – the 12V/1.25A (15W) AC transformer (not IP rated) that has a 1.5m cable ending in a water-resistant screw pug. If the transformer has rain protection, then the rest is fine for outdoor use. It then plugs into a Wi-Fi controller bock (water-resistant) and the 2m strip into that.

It uses dimmable 60 x RGB and 60 x White LEDs (3000K) and can have standard or customisable scenes. I know what will be adorning the balcony at Christmas time. But beyond that, it could act as task lighting over the kitchen, workshop, laundry, bathroom benches, as emergency lighting in hallways or even as a night light.

There are two things it cannot do compared to Lifx Z strips. It does not have addressable zones, and you can’t add additional lengths. But the IP44 rating more than compensates.

GadgetGuy’s take: Good price, well made, IP44 rated.

IP68 Weatherproof LED RGB garden lighting kit (four light kit $280 and additional lights $60)

Now this is impressive and at IP68 is weatherproof.

It comprises a transformer, a Wi-Fi controller and four 3W lights replete with garden spikes (or can be screw-mounted). The lights daisy chain via 2.2m together to a maximum of eight.

These are 3W RGB LEDs (no white) and have a 60° beam, so they are for mood or path lighting. And 12W is a measly amount to leave on at night or attach to a motion sensor. Overall useful ‘throw’ is about 3 metres.

We found that by experimenting with colours and lumens, you can create everything from a warm and inviting glow to a cool, frosty blue.

BrilliantSmart garden

My only criticism is that all heads display the same theme – it may have been nice to have individually addressable heads, but that would have cost a lot more with Wi-Fi in each.

GadgetGuy’s take: Weatherproof IP68 and very easy to use. These are definite candidates for IFTTT and a sensor.

Remote control 240V plug with USB 5V/1.5A charger port $20

You can add smarts to any 240V/10A powerpoint to enable scheduling or remotely turn them on/off.

Yes, I know you can flick a switch, but “OK Google, turn off the heater’ is far easier. Or use it with an iron and never worry again if you left it on.

BrilliantSmart powerpoint

GadgetGuy’s take: This is a low-cost item (Bunnings have it for $15) – last year I was paying $60 for similar WeMo remote switches. And it has a 7.5W charger suitable for iPhone, iPad and more USB charging.

GadgetGuy’s take – BrilliantSmart is a brand worth looking for

We do due diligence to ensure that all products have local support and warranty. We are impressed that BrilliantSmart is IFTTT compliant and as a bonus, these are well made and work – the first time.

We are pleased to add BrilliantSmart to our #Stop the Energy rip-off campaign, and we look forward to seeing this brand develop and expand.

Our ratings are collectively 4.5-out-of-5 for performance, price and local backing. Just remember that you may have to insist the retailer go looking for the products and don’t accept some no-name substitute.

Value for money
Ease of Use
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Well made and well supported by an established Aussie company
Works first time
Not as fully featured as some offerings but that reflects the excellent price