Built-in home espresso


Miele has announced a fully automatic coffee machine for people that prefer their appliances built into their kitchen cabinetry. Miele?s CVA 4060 has been designed to match Miele?s Navitronic range of built-in kitchen appliances.

It features an integrated grinder as well as a preground chute for those who prefer pre-ground or decaffeinated coffee. Cappucinos can be made at the press of a button with the Cappuccinatore integrated frothing nozzle or it can be frothed separately.

The CVA 4060?s ?AromaticSystem?, which forces hot water through fresh grinds to fully develop the aroma and flavours of the coffee, promises a consistent espresso. Once the appliance is switched on, the four line graphic text display shows all machine functions whilst the two rotary ?turn and confirm? switches are used for setting programming options.

Inside the machine, all containers are removable for cleaning, with all, apart from the coffee bean container, being dishwasher safe. As well, removable parts of the Cappuccinatore milk frother are also dishwasher safe.

Does the thinking for you

The CVA 4060?s coffee and water quantity, grind and water temperature can be manually adjusted and all machine programming is conducted using two rotary selector switches. In addition, switch-on/switch-off times and up to ten user profiles can be individually selected and programmed, eradicating the need to continually ask users just how they like their coffee. Each time the machine is switched on or about to switch off an automatic rinse cycle engages, rinsing internal pipework and dumping water into a removable drip tray. To stop water overflows a special wave breaker insert sits in the drip tray.

Designed for installation in a 45 cm niche, the Miele CVA 4060 is available for $3,499 RRP in stainless steel and $3,599 in aluminium.

Source: Miele Australia