Buying a digital camera: The truth about megapixels

The question most people ask when buying a digital cameras is more megapixels better? Many shop assistants will work on the principal that when it comes to megapixels ‘more is better’ so, according to them, a camera with more megapixels will take a better photo than one with less – but is this really true?

While it’s true that a camera’s megapixel rating is an important indication of its abilities, megapixels alone don’t tell the whole story. There are other important ingredients, such as image sensor size, pixel size and the quality of the lens that contribute to picture quality.

To demonstrate this, plus explain how pixels work, the difference in sensor sizes between compact digital cameras and digital SLR cameras, pixel density and lens options, watch our video below. All of this will have you well-armed with information when it comes to your next digital camera purchase.

Video – Buying a digital camera: The truth about megapixels