B&W details new speakers with more detail

If there’s one thing we start salivating over, it’s speakers. That might just be us – probably not – and now there’s another pair that us opening our mouths wide in awe.

The new flagship of the B&W range, the CM10 is a loudspeaker that throws in a Kevlar midrange driver, an isolated tweeter at the top of the speaker with an aluminium dome, three bass drivers, and a little more depth to the cabinet.

All of this work apparently goes a long way to make the CM10 deliver 50 percent more bass, better sensitivity, less distortion, and more volume than other speakers it comperes with.

Those of you with a love for solid audio won’t probably worry about the price, with the speakers coming in at $5499 for a pair, with finishes available in either Rosenut or Wenge wood veneer, or a glossy black or white.

Audiophiles can find them in specialist stores across the country now, as can anyone else who wants to plonk down the cash needed for these tall speakers worth drooling over.