Canned clothing: the next fashion frontier?


Lots of things come in cans. There’s canned air, canned asparagus, and canned ham. Now you can add clothes to that list with a new spray-on clothing.
Developed by Spanish designer Manel Torres, a company called Fabrican and the Imperial College London, the spray-on fabric can use materials such as wool, linen, and acrylic to apply clothing directly to a person’s body. Once applied, the instant clothing can be removed, washed, and reused.
While we expect these clothes hug your form a whole lot more than any garment you’ve accidentally thrown into the dryer, we can easily see the potential for fashion designers and students to make their products in real time by spray painting the clothing directly on a model.
Looking at fashion only would be a bit limited, however. One of the companies behind it is looking at areas such as medicine, where the spray-on fabric could go a long way to act as a form of gauze or bandage. Fixing cars could change with the spray possibly being used as a form of sealant.
Photo copyright of Fabrican Ltd 2010