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Unlike a phone, though, the N100 can record both you through the rear camera and the scene through the main camera, merging the information at the end.

“The PowerShot N100 records your expression as you shoot, either as a movie or still image, and combines it with the scene you’ve captured,” said Pearson.

“This new feature is ideal for when your reaction is just as important as the moment itself, such as watching a child’s first steps.”

The camera supports WiFi just like the Mini X, though the N100 can connect through NFC (Near-Field Communication) on devices that support it, taking photos from the 12.1 megapixel sensor and sending them to devices, which is especially useful if you want to send them straight to a social network using a phone or tablet with internet connectivity.

Both of these devices will be available later in the year, and while Canon won’t give us a price, it says the Mini X should hit stores from March, while the PowerShot N100 will see the light of day in May.