Canon HF11, HG20 and HG21 videocameras – new high definition models

Canon Australia have announced three new additions to its high definition digital videocamera range. The Canon HF11, HG20 and HG21 will impress aspiring film makers by providing increased storage capabilities, allowing users to record for longer than ever before. Also offering superior high definition image quality, these videocameras are sure to make movie-makers out of anyone.

The Canon HF11, HG20 and HG21 provide users with the maximum AVCHD recording rate of 24Mbps – a first for any consumer video camera on the market. The highest resolution in the industry also ensures images are beautifully detailed when reproduced, which is a key consideration for users seeking longevity from their home movies.

Canon’s new digital video cameras offer a variety of features to maximise the HD video experience, including a High Speed Instant Auto Focus system for fast, precise focussing performance, and Cinema Mode, enabling the recording of movies with the look and feel of film.

Canon HF11 videocameraCanon HF11 videocamera

The Canon HF11 videocamera boasts superior storage capabilities, featuring a 32GB built-in flash memory that allows over 12 hours of High Definition recording. Users can also achieve up to 24 hours of High Definition video by using a 32GB SD card (optional).

The compact size of flash memory results in a pocket-sized videocamera, making the Canon HF11 easy to carry and operate.

Canon HG20 videocameraCanon HG20 and HG21 videocamera

The Canon HG20 (pictured left) and HG21 (below) high definition videocameras embrace similar features to Canon’s HF11 but employ different built-in storage formats. The Canon HG20 records to a 60GB hard disk drive (HDD), whereas the Canon HG21 records to a massive 120GB HDD. This allows users to record for up to 22.5 hours on the Canon HG20 and 45 hours on the Canon HG21.

Both models are ultra-compact and lightweight in design. The Canon HG20 comes in silver and the Canon HG21 in a sleek black, differentiating the two depending on personal taste and storage needs.

Canon HG21 videocameraWith direct-to-HDD recording technology, the Canon HG20 and HG21 eliminate the need to purchase or carry an abundance of recording media, ensuring enthusiasts wanting to take movie-making to the next level won’t waste a moment or lose focus when filming.



  • AVCHD recording rate of 24Mbps (a first for any consumer videocamera on the market)
  • 12x optical zoom Canon HD video lens
  • High-speed instant auto focus
  • Full HD Canon CMOS sensor
  • Super Range optical image stabiliser
  • Canon DIGIC DVII image processor
  • SDHC expandable memory card slot
  • 25p Cinema mode

Pricing and availability

The Canon HF11, HG20 and HG21 will be available from September 2008 through Canon dealers nationally. Prices are not available at the time of writing.

Source: Canon Australia