Carpet cleaning comes under $200 with a new Bissell

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Spills, spots, and dropped wine may not be as much of a problem if Bissell gets its way, releasing a portable carpet cleaner that’s officially putting stains on notice.

Heading to Australia this week, Bissell’s SpotClean is a new product for the company that will aim to help people remove stains from their rugs – and lives – that would normally cause them grief.

Bissell calls it the first portable cleaner in Australia to really get deep into carpets, using a combination of warm water and soap formulas to free stains such as wine, juice, Vegemite, mud, grease, and other icky messes that we’re not too sure we want to mention here in case you’ve just finished eating.

Mains power is required for the SpotClean to work, but at just under six kilograms, it’s not a heavy appliance to bring around your home, with two tanks in the system to handle the mess, one of which is for water, and the other for the soapy formula.

Bissell has its own formulas to use with the SpotClean, and these include “Spot & Stain” for most stains, “OXYBoost” for the particularly resistant stain, and “Pet & Stain Odour” which should be used for when the pups or kittens happen to leave a mess that neither of the other formulas can remove.

When paired with a formula and water, we’re told Bissell’s SpotCleaner can handle most of what’s thrown at it, or even left beneath it, with one of two sizes of brush head used to spray the stain, break it up, and suck the particles out.

Large surfaces aren’t what this is for, mind you, with this appliance aimed at the small stains, and not for cleaning that massive square of carpet you walk all over that is your living- or bedroom.

That said, if you feel you need this in your home – maybe you have someone living with you who is a touch clumsy – you’ll find the SpotCleaner in stores across Australia for $199 RRP.