Casio KP-C10 Label Writer

These types of printers are very hard to find these days, and while they have a strange look about them, in my opinion, they have a single perfect roll to play.

Connecting to a PC via USB, the PC TAG Label Writer prints thermostatically onto label rolls that are serrated at regular lengths along the roll. This means you can print as long as you want ? theoretically up to the length of the roll. There is even a control panel letting you change the font.

However, for me, the claim to fame is that the width of the label exactly matches the width of the spine of a MiniDV tape, making this little beast perfect for labelling and archiving.

As I said, these items are hard to find these days but a trawl of the internet found quite a few still on shop shelves.

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Easy use. Perfect for tale label priniting.
Hard to find.