Castle Crashers

A brilliant Xbox Live Arcade game that puts most full-priced releases to shame, Castle Crashers has a great pedigree, developed by the same crew, The Behemoth, that brought us the superb Alien Hominid.

At first glance, Castle Crashers is a traditional, side-scrolling hack-and-slash game with innocuous, ‘cell-shaded’ cartoon graphics. But, much like Happy Tree Friends, the childish appearance belies a quite breathtaking gore quotient.

Allowing up to four players to join forces on the knightly quest, Castle Crashers’ strongest appeal lies in the combination of excellent co-op multiplayer, addictive gameplay, fun customisation choices and great use of humour.

A deeply nostalgic blast from the past for veteran game players and a fresh, engaging fight-fest for newcomers, Castle Crashers is endlessly entertaining.


Max Everingham is the owner of Game State, a B2B videogame software analysis & marketing consultancy. Max is a videogames veteran, having worked in the industry for over 13 years, including brand & product marketing positions at EA and Codemasters.

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