The Five Levels of a Smart Home

Discussion centred on the five levels of smart homes and how we have not yet reached level one, let alone the nirvana of a totally integrated smart home – even if you throw heaps of money at it.

At best, we have a growing range of smart products, but these do not make a smart home. What we are missing it the ‘smart’ side of things. These products use disparate apps and separate accounts/logins for full functionality, and at best, a voice assistant ties some together.

CE Week 2019 smarthome

So far, no company has invented a fully autonomous, universal smart home operating system that allows all devices to join together and think for us. To get there, it needs interoperability standards and lots of data collection. And Z-Wave, Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are just short-term fixes that don’t really provide whole of home/grounds coverage.

The message was – don’t kid yourself. Any smart home device you buy today will not be part of a smart home of the future (except perhaps OK Google).

GadgetGuy’s take: We agree and it’s important to recognise both what the device can do now and its limitations.