February 9 means different things to different people. For the people of New Orleans this year, its Mardi Gras, but to web citizens in 2016, it’s Safer Internet Day, so how can you participate?

One way to get involved with Safer Internet Day is to be aware of the device you have and how they play a part in your life.

We all have technology, and if you’re reading this website, there’s a good chance you’re doing it on something you frequently use, be it a smartphone, tablet, or a laptop or desktop computer.

Given that technology is part of your life, it can be helpful to take stock of your digital reliance and realise that any device you own can be held hostage, especially now that malware and ransomware can take over.

These areas tend to play on computers more often than any other area, but smartphones are beginning to get affected, with ransomware locking down a part of your device and forcing you to pay a ransom in order to unlock the files, preying on the likelihood that you haven’t backed up in a while.

Emails can spread these dangerous files and exploits, but so too can social media, so always be careful of what you’re clicking on.

Security exploits like ransomware tend to occur because so many of us don’t have a form of security on our device, and when you take into consideration that cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in how they attack, this can spell disaster for online citizens.

So what can you do?