This week the music world (and indeed the rest of it) was made a little sadder with the death of a musical icon, as David Bowie’s passed on.

Whether you grew up with his music or was fed it in dribs and drabs, there’s a good chance you remember it fondly.

In fact, this week, GadgetGuy’s writers pretty much have Bowie on repeat, and if you’re struggling to work out what to listen to, here are a few options depending on what music services you subscribe to, if any.

Apple Music

It’s probably no big shock that “David Bowie” is a trending search on Apple Music today, and a quick scan reveals six albums to start with, four of which are based on a “best of” formula, while the two outside of this include the highly rated “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars”, as well as the just literally released “Blackstar”.

If you’re a Bowie fan, we’d start with those two, and then pick and choose the albums from there, but if you’re not, either start with those best of titles, or head to one of the several playlists the search pops up.


Alternatively, if you’re keen to see what Bowie did when he worked with other people, Apple’s “Guest List” for David Bowie is a a solid 14 song and 59 minute listing of songs you may not know Bowie worked on.

All it needs is that crazy Mick Jagger and David Bowie video for “Dancing In The Street”. It has the song, but not the video, though we’re sure you can always take a look at YouTube if needed.


It hasn’t taken long for Spotify to get a playlist up and online, and the Spotify page this morning even offers its condolences, with a simple “Rest in Peace, David Bowie” across the front.

Spotify’s “This Is: David Bowie” will give you the best tracks from Bowie, with 50 songs spanning almost four hours, which you can access through the embedded Spotify playlist below (though you’ll have to login to see and play it).

Google Play

Google’s editorial team hasn’t quite gotten with the program, and as such, there’s no Google-specific playlist on a front page, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

A search will reveal quite a few albums if you’re a Google Play subscriber, including that very latest “Blackstar”, but if you’re keen to go all Bowie all day at work, some of the Google Play subscribers should have you worked out.

For instance there’s a listing of 27 of the 30 essential songs Rolling Stone recommends, with the remaining three missing likely due to licensing issues in Australia, and that’s over at a two hour playlist you can easily find.