CES 2013 Recap: Day 1

8.39 am

Some new monitors coming too.

8.48 am

Quick product tour

8.49 am

8.50 am

You always wanted your fridge to feed you recipes didn’t you?

8:51 am

Well that’s about the most advanced washing machine I’ve ever seen…

8.52 am

That’s LG, people. Where to next?

9.27 am

Waiting in line at Panasonic. We told you lining up was a thing at CES.

10.09 am

We’re live at Panasonic

10.13 am

Panasonic’s Viera has a new home screen, so you can collect your IPTV stuff in the same place.

10.13 am

Different profiles are available, and some TVs feature a camera and will automatically identify different users for those profiles.

10.16 am

New touch pen on Viera so you can change and fix photos. Looks fun. Can I pin the tail on someone?

10.20 am

There’s someone here from the American home shopping network, talking up “shop by remote”

10.22 am

Your own on demand home shopping channel. Mine would have more puppies, kittens, and gadgets. But that’s just me.

10.26 am

Panasonic will launch 32 TVs this year in both plasma and LED. Wonder how many Australia will see.

10.27 am

Looks like 65 inch is the biggest size Panasonic will have for both plasma and LED TVs.

10.30 am

Panasonic will have bone conduction headphones

10.31 am

A streaming media player is also coming from Panasonic that supports Miracast. New phones support that, so you can stream straight to your telly.

10.34 am

Huh. Danny DeVito is going to be at this show on a Panasonic panel. Random.

10.36 am

And that’s it for Panasonic!