CES 2013 Recap: Day 1

10.55 am

We just saw a guy riding around on a Segway with gold wheels. Vegas.

1.11 pm

lots and lots and lots of people in line for Samsung

1.42 pm

Live at Samsung


2.02 pm

That’s the president of Samsung.

2.06 pm

Appliances that get you. That’s being talked about.

2.08 pm

President of Samsung USA, Tim Baxter on stage

2.15 pm

Samsung F8000 is the new premium Samsung LED TV. Up to 75in

2.17 pm

Like the Galaxy S3, the new TV has a quad core processor.

2.20 pm

There’s also a redesigned interface, designed to make it easier to use

2.23 pm

Personalised content over the Samsung hub. Also includes a single search to find movies and tv shows they like. No idea if this works in Australia.

2.24 pm

There’s also a social screen on the hub, for seeing what friends on Facebook, Skype, and other networks are watching.

2.25 pm

Want buy that dress from a TV show? It will be possible

2.26 pm

If you bought a Samsung TV last year, that’s the Samsung Evolution kit

2.27 pm

Samsung is also introducing OLED

2.28 pm

Only possible on the Samsung OLED is a dual screen mode

2.30 pm

Samsung’s new 85 inch ultra high definition screen announced.

2.30 pm

Add this ‘evolution kit’ to your 2012 Samsung TV and it turns into a 2013 TV.