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Third day of CES was about seeing as much as we possibly could. Before going, everyone said “you can’t do all of CES in two days,” and boy, did we want to prove them wrong.

We didn’t, for what it’s worth.

Our second “official” day of the Consumer Electronics Show saw us getting around to more booths and halls than we thought, and we’ve seen all the halls in the main area, and one in the not-so-main area at the Hilton, but this show is spread out over so many buildings, that we would need a jetpack, teleportation device, and just about every fictional transportation gadget there is to make our way around.

Sadly, we’re not in the future – not that far – but the recap below, that’s what we did on day three for GadgetGuy’s team!


Have woken up a touch late today. Still not really used to Las Vegas time. Will be cabbing to the centre shortly.

Not sure if this will be our last day at the show, but here goes GadgetGuy’s Day Three of CES 2013!

Looking at the Pentax Q10. Lots of colours.


It’s a tiny little thing.


And it’s bloody small compared with these Pentax medium format cameras


I don’t even know what this is. Some new 360 degree camera concept from Ricoh.

Swann appears to have a few cameras.