And, all 2017 OLED TVs have had their peak brightness levels increased by 25%. LG also announced – at last! – the introduction of an UltraHD Blu-ray player. One that will support the enhanced HDR provided by Dolby Vision.

Which brings us to the “hero” product of the launch, and the other thing I find really exciting. That’s the LG OLED W7 Signature TV.

We know OLED TVs can be made very thin since they don’t need backlights. This one takes it to an extreme by the simple expedient of offloading all the electronics and connections (well, there must be at least one cable, but it was hidden at the launch) to an external box.

So on the 65 inch model, the panel is just 2.57mm thick. A tenth of an inch as the presenter said. A special magnetic wall mount bracket has been developed so that instead of hanging out from the wall, the panel is placed hard up against it. The front of the panel is apparently just 4mm away from the wall. In effect it looks like a window or wallpaper on the wall, rather than a separate TV.

It seems that the electronics are packed into a Dolby Atmos-capable soundbar that attaches to the wall underneath the TV.

I’d guess that this is likely to be a very expensive premium product for the time being, but who knows what might trickle down to the lesser models over time.

I’m excited because I’ve long been looking forward to the concept of “active wallpaper”, first proposed so far as I can tell by science fiction author and mathematician Vernor Vinge. That’d be where entire walls consist of display technology – OLED would seem to be a good candidate – and any section can be used at any time for display, from patterns, to outdoor scenes, to the news to movies.

I guess that’s still a long way off. But, you know, of the big consumer electronics companies, it’s looking a lot like LG is presently the most innovative, and prolific in the development of new technology.