CES 2024: all the major tech announcements

Samsung Music Frame shelves CES 2024
Image: supplied.

Setting the agenda for the year ahead, CES 2024 is one of the biggest tech events in the world. Over the course of a few hectic days, the annual trade show plays host to many of the industry’s biggest heavyweights.

Amidst the chaos of CES 2024 are a plethora of device reveals that’ll hit our shores in the coming months. Expect to see major unveilings from the likes of LG, Samsung, Hisense, TCL and more. From the latest and greatest TVs, to faster and more powerful computers, the flow-on effects from what happens at this event are huge.

Read on to get the scoop on every major announcement from this year’s event, including Australian-specific details where possible. Check back regularly as we update our live coverage, summarising the biggest reveals, ranging from the most exciting, bizarre, and everything in between.

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Every major CES 2024 tech announcement

Hisense smart home platform gets smarter, comes to more devices

Every brand wants to be the all-in-one smart home solution, which is why Hisense focused on expanding its smart appliance offering. Aussies can expect to access the brand’s ConnectLife platform on 2024 Hisense TVs in addition to more appliances in general.

Hisense also demonstrated its vision of an AI-powered kitchen, where you can use recipes found on TV to prepare connected appliances. Overall design tweaks are coming, too, aimed at streamlining the experience that’ll form a core part of the brand’s “enhanced” range of 2024 home appliances.

Alienware cranks up the gaming power

Alienware x16 R2 gaming laptop CES 2024
Image: supplied.

Known for premium gaming devices and peripherals, that’s exactly what Alienware delivered at CES 2024. Its new x16 R2 laptop stood out for a few reasons. One, its all-out design features an all-metal chassis, a six-speaker sound system, and a flashy micro-LED trim. Two, it can pack up to an Nvidia RTX 4090 laptop GPU, which should have ample power for all your gaming and visual editing needs.

None of that would be complete without the peripherals to boot. On that front, Alienware has a couple of QD-OLED monitors coming, supporting up to 360Hz refresh rates. If it was any smoother, it’d slide right off your desk. And, of course, a gaming mouse and keyboard round out the range.

Roborock S8 Max robot vacs suck harder and get into corners better

Robot vacuums are one of the rare categories that sucking more is considered a compliment and not an insult. Roborock’s latest devices boost the suction power while adding a robot arm that reaches into corners for a more thorough clean.

It also revealed the Flexi wet-dry vacuums, a hand-operated device designed to get under furniture more easily than standard vacuums. As part of its CES 2024 announcements, Roborock teamed up with IDC to research robot vacuum trends. Conveniently for manufacturers it’s an area expected to grow healthily over the next few years, more than many other smart home devices.

Samsung Ballie looks like the Star Wars droid of my dreams

Samsung Ballie CES 2024
Image: supplied.

I love Star Wars, and I love the BB-8 droid from the recent sequel trilogy. Samsung Ballie reminds me of the spherical sci-fi character in various endearing ways.

Although Ballie won’t repair an X-Wing for you, it can roll around your house as a personal assistant, controlling other smart devices on your command. Its most impressive utility is the built-in projector that you can use to take video calls, follow virtual workouts, and keep pets occupied with nature videos when you’re not home.

Art vs technology: Samsung Music Frame proves you can have both

When you think of a speaker, you’d have a pretty rigid idea of what it looks like, right? Samsung wants to flip that concept on its head with the Music Frame. At its core, it’s a speaker that looks like a framed piece of art to hang on a wall.

Inspired by the company’s Frame range of TVs that look like art installations when not in use, the Music Frame makes use of the SmartThings ecosystem. It’s wireless and can pair with existing Samsung TVs and speakers for a fuller, surround sound effect. Best of all, you’ll be able to choose the design so you get an artwork suited to your refined palate.

Samsung Music Frame collection CES 2024
Yes, these are all speakers. Image: supplied.

You better believe that transparent LG OLED TV is real

Despite the fact you can’t see it most of the time, the LG Signature OLED T is very real. A see-through TV that goes transparent when not in use, it’s been a real head-turner at CES 2024.

As TVs increase in size, they take up more space in living rooms around the world. With something like the OLED T, you could place the TV anywhere and still see behind it. Whether it’s a window or a piece of art on the wall, you don’t need to worry about obscuring the view. It’s an exciting development, particularly in studio apartments with limited space, you wouldn’t be restricted to sticking the TV in a cramped corner.

Granted, this thing’s probably a while away from mass production but it’s a cool glimpse into the future of displays.

Sennheiser earbuds get better and sporty at CES 2024

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 4 CES 2024
Image: supplied.

Renowned audio brand Sennheiser brought earbuds aplenty to CES 2024, including the Momentum True Wireless 4 that ups the quality, connection, and battery life.

There’s also a new set of earbuds on the way for fitness enthusiasts: the aptly named Momentum Sport. Other than a snug fit to stay in during exercise, they come with bio-sensors from fitness tech company Polar that integrate with many of the most popular health apps.

New Hisense Mini LED TVs have a standout

Hisense also threw its hat into the TV ring, revealing its upcoming range for Australia. You’ll soon be able to get its flagship UXAU model in more sizes, including 65 inches, while the rest of its displays benefit from plenty of trickle-down upgrades.

Of all the TVs Hisense has on the horizon, it’s the U8NAU that caught our eye. It arguably sees the biggest year-on-year improvements, with more dimming zones and a higher peak brightness. 2023’s Mini LED models were good, so there’s every chance that this year’s will be great.

TCL X955 one of the biggest Mini LED TVs ever

TCL X955 CES 2024
Image: TCL.

As if a huge projector wasn’t enough, CES 2024 also bore witness to the TCL X955, a whopping 115-inch Mini LED TV. It’s referred to by model number 115QM89 in America, but we’ve been told that the Australian version will be extremely similar, if not identical, when it arrives later this year.

It’s reported to have over 20,000 dimming zones, which should make it a highly precise TV. Add in a peak brightness of over 5,000 nits, and you’ve got yourself a TV for all occasions.

Massive 300-inch Hisense projector coming to Australia

Hisense C1 Projector CES 2024
Image: supplied.

It impressed at IFA last year and now it’s coming to local shores: the Hisense C1 TriChroma Laser Mini Projector (try saying that three times fast) doubles the maximum projection size of many competitors. 300 inches is obscenely huge for any display. Anyone who decides to get one of these wins permanent movie night hosting duties.

LG Labs’ DukeBox charms among CES 2024 concept tech

As part of its experimental concept device division, LG Labs showed off a bunch of slick devices, including the utterly charming DukeBox. It’s a highly fancy speaker using vacuum tube technology that you can see in action thanks to a transparent OLED screen.

There’s also the Bon Voyage camping trailer that takes the concept of glamping to a whole new level. Not everything on display at CES 2024 will ever see a public release, yet it’s a cool way of seeing what’s possible with technology

Samsung QN900D TV aims to make everything look 8K via AI

Samsung QN900D Neo QLED CES 2024
Image: supplied.

Samsung’s latest range of TVs aims to improve upscaling quality and the ability to reduce motion blur when watching fast-moving action like sports. There’s also a new game controller for playing games via the cloud and premium soundbars on the way.

LG Gram Pro is an extremely light 16-inch laptop with RTX graphics

Among the new laptops from LG, there’s a Guinness World Record: the lightest 16-inch 2-in-1 laptop. It’s a hyper-specific record but an indication of the increasing portability coming to larger laptop sizes.

These laptops are also some of the first to wield the new Intel Core Ultra Processors, notable for housing a built-in neural processing unit. AI is the current tech trend, of course.

Flashy Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 gaming monitor gets smarter

Just before CES 2024 kicked off in earnest, Samsung revealed its latest OLED gaming monitor range. For the first time in its Odyssey OLED series, there are now two flat-screen displays: the G8 and G6.

Meanwhile, the Odyssey OLED G9 has been refreshed. Alongside the G8, it now includes more smart features, including the ability to seamlessly access and copy content from compatible Samsung mobile devices.

Stylish LG CineBeam Qube 4K projector brings style to CES 2024

LG CineBeam Qube projector
Image: supplied.

One of the nicest-looking devices shown at CES 2024 so far, the LG CineBeam Qube projector looks great and has impressive specs to boot. Other than its stylish looks, the 4K projector can beam up an image of up to 120 inches. Not bad for a petite little thing.

Samsung’s Bespoke Jet Bot Combo auto-detects messy stains

Its vacuum cleaners already have floor-detection technology, so it makes sense that Samsung’s robot vacuum follows suit. Revealed ahead of CES 2024, the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo can not only detect different rooms and automatically designate no-go zones, but it also cleverly recognises stains.

Like many premium robot vacuum and mopping devices, it packs a fair bit of self-cleaning tech too. Less time spent cleaning the house and the mop? A good outcome for anyone who wants to spend less time cleaning.

Wireless LG M4 OLED TV brings cable-free future closer

LG M4 OLED TV. Image: supplied.

Wireless TVs aren’t an entirely new concept, although it’s fast becoming a more realistic future. In addition to its OLED and QNED range, LG showed off the M4 OLED TV, which will be available in a 65-inch version.

Previous models have only come in larger sizes, along with the corresponding price tag. With a smaller model on the horizon, there might soon be a more affordable cable-free TV option in stores. The fact that it handles 4K 144Hz signals wirelessly is pretty damn neat.

Belkin brings Qi2 auto-tracking accessories to CES 2024

Belkin Stand Pro

As the better Qi2 wireless charging protocol rolls out, Belkin announced several chargers and power banks that take advantage of the technology. There’s also a 200W four-port USB-C GaN charger on the way, ideal for charging multiple devices at the same time.

For creators, Belkin has a new version of its auto-tracking phone stand out later this year. Named the Stand Pro, it offers a convenient way of filming videos and taking photos of yourself when no one else is around to help out. An added benefit is that it’s the first Apple-verified Works with DockKit accessory. Put in plain English, it should be pretty good at subject tracking.

New Dell XPS line-up promises bold design and AI integration

In one of the first computing announcements of CES 2024, Dell revealed its refreshed XPS laptops. Powered by Intel Core Ultra processors, the devices come with the new Copilot key, a shortcut to Microsoft’s AI features.

Other than the popular XPS 13, Dell now has a 14 and 16-inch version if you need more screen real estate. There are plenty of display and graphics options too, with the XPS 16 supporting up to an RTX 4070 GPU.

Big 15-channel LG S95TR soundbar coming in 2024

Before revealing its TVs, LG spent some time highlighting its upcoming soundbar systems. Led by the flagship LG S95TR, the range focuses on tight integration with the brand’s TV range. Of the top-of-the-range model’s 15 channels, five are designated as up-firing, intended to create the effect of audio surrounding you with Dolby Atmos-compatible content.

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