That said, you might not have a Samsung, and you might want the look and feel of one without spending as much money. If that is you, here are your options.

Galaxy Launcher

Price: Free

Don’t call it TouchWiz because it certainly isn’t, but it is something close, bringing a near identical dock, homescreen, and menu system to any Android of your choosing.

And hey, unlock the implementation of TouchWiz Aussies have had for a couple of years, you can at least move the dock icons around!

S Launcher

Price: Free

Yet another launcher that emulates the look of Samsung’s TouchWiz, this one feels like it has been modelled off the KitKat launchers we’ve seen around the place, except with different icon packs made to emulate the style of Samsung’s interface.


What if you really wanted an iPhone but didn’t want to fork out that money, or prefer the interface and look of an iPhone but are after the features of an Android phone? Well, we can help with that, or rather developers of these fine homescreen replacement apps can.


Price: Free, but with in-app purchases.

One of the original iOS styled launchers, Espier works well, but hasn’t really evolved the way other iOS launchers have. While it’s technically free, other parts to turn your Android into an iPhone copy now cost money, so just be aware of that.

iOS 7 Launcher

Price: Free

Modelled on iOS 7, iOS Launcher is pretty much like having an iPhone on your Android, only without the operating system being made or run by Apple.